Final Team Battle 7 Opponents Ao!

Discussion of the manga Boruto 22 this clearly contains the spoiler . Especially on suspicion that the events here might one day be adapted too to the anime. (Although seen so far manga Boruto and his anime is guaranteed to have a difference).

If you are still looking for a chapter, it is not recommended to continue reading this review.

If you already read and want to see certain details or do not mind spoiler please read the full discussion below!




Konohamaru Manga Version Much Weaker than Anime



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<p> Konohamaru in the anime version is one of the strongest jonin in Konoha. He shows this against Ashimaru in the Bridge Akte groove, where he can easily destroy a hill with a Rasengan. </p>
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Between Ukyo Kodachi did not get a memo about Konohamaru's power from the anime staff or he wanted to further highlight the power of Team 7, which obviously Team 7 leaders are seen to be weaker in the anime. Starting from being made must escape from the Dolls, get a surprise attack from Ao, then in the manga Boruto 22 this he re-paralyzed by a shot … uh … drone .

In the final chapter of this fight, Ao shows that he really no longer has the Byakugan nor his old technique due to the severe injury he suffered after the Bijudama attack. From the very beginning he was already using technologies such as chakra-shaped launchers gatling guns, absorbent jutsu sleeves, saber chakras, and now drones .

If indeed the anime version will follow the manga version anyway Boruto will be a completely different story starting from after chunin exam.

Before the chūnin test, the opponent that Boruto defeated was a monster controlled by the Academy's (Nue and Sumire) pupils, a revolutionary force whose power could still be overcome by genin (Shizuma team), missing nin Byakuya Gang).

Starting from the chunin exam, Boruto will finish off an Otsutsuki (assisted by his father's energy) and as can be seen in the manga Boruto 22, a veteran of the Fourth Shinobi World War who was once a trustee of Mei Terumi's trust.

With the trick and aid saber chakra Boruto could have had the opportunity to beat Ao with the Rasengan. This battle was over.

Kashin Koji appeared ?! Continue reading manga discussion Boruto 22 on the second page!

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