Final and the Presence of Famous Rival!

The author had time to think if the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 was moving slowly, but it was not, too, because the match against Shimada in episode 11 could be 2 episodes, but shortened to one episode only.

Because of that, in Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 12, surely the Nankatsu team has entered the final, and finally against the Shimizu FC team, to infiltrate the tickets to the national level and represent the Shizuouka region.

What will happen in the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 12? Check out the predictions below!

Seeing the chaos that happened because he became a backup player against Shimada's school, Wakabayashi certainly felt hot and wanted to return to the field to strengthen his team.

Moreover, now they are in the final, a little mistake then the tickets to compete at the national level will fail, therefore Wakabayashi did not want everything to be chaotic.

When asked by Ishizaki about Wakabayashi's feet, he still says it's okay, but what happened? We will discuss in the next point later!

Eventually appeared the third rival of Tsubasa after Wakabayashi and Hyūga, namely Jun Misugi.

Early emergence was indicated by the arrival of Yayoi Aoba, Tsubasa's childhood friend before Tsubasa moved to Nankatsu.

At that time, Yayoi was seen supporting Tsubasa from the audience seat, making Anego furious himself and feeling jealous because there are other women who try to give support for Tsubasa. Even Anego acts decisively and instantly bumps into Yayoi, of course Anego loses position, since Yayoi is Tsubasa's friend since they were little.


On the other hand, it turns out Yayoi is not alone, since Yayoi is the team manager of FC Musashi, which from that team, Jun Misugi is his captain.

Misugi is deliberately monitoring, because anyone who comes out as a winner, wanting it Nankatsu or Shimizu, then there is a possibility that team will be against Musashi at the national level later.

In addition, Hyuga also came to Tokyo, and he did not want to meet Wakabayashi (he did not know Tsubasa) but wanted to meet with Misugi as well. Interesting yes, meeting between rivals.

What about the final game? Then what about Wakabayashi's condition? Check the next page for advanced prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 12!

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