Fierce, Brutal, and Full of Style

This brutal manga adaptation is not perfect in terms of storytelling, but thanks to the technical side like animation and stunning music typical of director Masaaki Yuasa, DEVILMAN Crybaby can at least stand as one of the most unique and interesting anime of the year.

HARD WARNING: DEVILMAN Crybaby is an adult-only spectacle (21+) because it contains annoying content that is not for under-aged viewers!

Maybe anime fans today are not too familiar with the name Go Nagai. Yet undeniably, the influence of the 72-year-old mangaka (19459005) works is so great through his unique and challenging works of his time.

Some of his most famous works include the story of the witch girl Cutie Honey which has been repeatedly adapted into anime as well as the live-action movie directed by Hideaki Anno (19459004) Neon Genesis Evangelion Shin Godzilla ), or Mazinger Z which until now is still quite popular among fans mecha and was once made last year's animated film titled Mazinger Z: Infinity .

But it is unlawful to call Go Nagai's name and not to mention the brutal and brutal masterpieces of the legend, Devilman !

In the early days of his circulation in 1972-1973, Devilman has a considerable reputation for containing themes and content that are considered very taboo, such as satanism, nihilism, and violent scenes are very brutal. In fact, the manga was briefly protested by the association of teachers and parents in Japan for fear of having a negative impact on their children.

But thanks to the unusual storyline and characters memorable the manga was a huge success and spawned a multimedia franchise, such as an anime television adaptation totaling 39 episodes with story changes here and there for the sake of adjustment rating a number of OVA ( Original Video Animation ) that adapted his manga story more faithfully, as well as a 19459005 live film in 2004.


In 2018, in collaboration with the world's largest streaming service provider Netflix, this time it was the turn of the famous anime director Masaaki Yuasa ( Ping Pong: The Animation Kemonozume ), known for its unique and unique minimalist animation style to adapt this manga in a 10-episode miniseries titled DEVILMAN Crybaby .

When Man Gets the Power of Satan

At first, Akira Fudo is just a high school student who is geeky, shy, and has a mediocre physical. Since both his parents were doctors who often worked overseas, Akira was entrusted to their close relative the Makimura family, where he then had a crush with his eldest daughter namely Miki.

One day, he reunited with Ryo Asuka; a childhood friend who is now successfully pursuing a career as a professor in America thanks to his extraordinary intelligence. Ryo tells Akira that a bunch of demons have begun to invade Earth secretly and possess human beings, and the only way to repel them is to fight back with demonic forces.

In a brutal and unexpected incident, Ryo successfully unites Akira's soul with Amon's power; a fiend devil, making him a "Devilman": The one who possesses the power of the devil but still has the human soul. Thanks to this power, Akira's physics turns to prime and his personality becomes more cool like a superhero .

In Akira's struggle as a "Devilman" to hunt down the other demons of human predators, he slowly begins to uncover a foul and terrible secret, realizing that the invasion of these demons is only the beginning of a larger tragedy.

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