Femt Facts Kekkai Sensen, King of Depravity, Mastering Hellsalem's Lot


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<h4> For those of you who follow the <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> series, you must know the members of <em> Thirteen Kings </em> on this one. Well, in this article we will discuss facts Femt <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> more fully again. </h4>
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<p class= King of Depravity

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<p> Femt is a <em> King of Depravity </em> (King of Moral Damage) and a member of <em> Thirteen Kings </em>. In addition, Femt proclaimed himself that he was the ruler of Hellsalem's Lot. </p>
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<p class= Very Bad Personality

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<p> Femt has a very bad personality, like the sadistic and crazy nature he has. He holds the principle that he must live for pleasure and he can not stand anything that is perfectly normal. </p>
<p> Nevertheless, he always gave the residents of Hellsalem's Lot the opportunity to give him resistance. With the power that he and other <em> Thirteen Kings </em> members have, they can destroy Hellsalem's Lot with ease. But according to Femt, it would not be fun. </p>
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<p class= He Rarely Appears in Anime

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<p> This Femt character belongs very rarely to appear in the anime <em> Kekkai Sensen </em>. It can even be classed as a <em> villain </em> support only character. But Femt got a part in his 19459005 Original Video Animation </em>where he teamed up with Leo to escape from the bathroom hallway. </p>
<p> On the contrary, Femt has a greater role in the manga <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> as he always appears as an enemy always opposed by the Libra organization. </p>
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<p class= Femt Is a Reliable Scientist

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<p> Fact Femt <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> The next one is he is a very reliable scientist, be it on the sciences of Earth and the world. <em> Beyond </em> </p>
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He can create a variety of monsters with his knowledge and use the monsters to make a noise at Hellsalem's Lot. Not only that, creating such monsters is a very easy task for Femt who does not even need to spend a lot of time.


Shining Like a Scientist

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<p> Fact Femt <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> the latter is he has a tall body as well as blonde hair. Femt also always uses an iron mask to cover his upper face. </p>
<p> The clothes he always wore are black with coats of expensive lab coats. As a scientist, do not forget Femt always use white gloves. </p>
<p> What do you think about the fact of Femt <em> Kekkai Sensen </em> this? The <em> King of Depravity </em> character is very interesting, hopefully it will appear more frequently in the anime <em> season </em> 2 of this. </p>
<p> <sub> Edited by Doni Jaelani </sub> </p>
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