Fatal Bullet Feature 'Itsuki' and Multiplayer Mode!

gogoanimestv.com – Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Features 'Itsuki' and Multiplayer Mode!

Not long after the announcement of the English version which will soon release in 2018, Bandai Namco again provide the latest info that the game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet released an Itsuki character ikemen. He only appeared in this game and is told that Itsuki is a top level player from Gun Gale Online game which is the leader of Alphard Squadron.

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<p> Later, this game also explains the same multiplayer mode of other Sword Art Online games that is competitive mode that can be played up to 8 people (Player VS Player) and Cooperative mode (Players VS AIs) which can be played up to 4 people. </p>
<p> Of course this game is an online battle and aims to kill the boss and stop the attack of the opposing team. Let's look at its features: </p>
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The most exciting thing about this game is that you can enjoy an FPS RPG that did not show up on previous Sword Art Online games. If you like to wear Shinon in the previous game. can really play this game,

The game will be released in Japan on February 8 and the English version on February 23rd in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam format.

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