Facts Chain Kekkai Sensen, Beautiful Libra Still Sadis


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<h4 style= You must know this beautiful woman character if you follow the anime Kekkai Sensen . In this article, we will discuss the fact of Chain Kekkai Sensen so that you can know him more deeply. Come on, check!


Appearances Attract

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<p style= The character that has the full name of Chain Sumeragi is a high and attractive female figure. He has short black hair and is always dressed in business woman a white suit coated in a black suit.


He Has Sadis Attribute

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<p style= Libra members of this one is indeed famous for diligent when doing missions given to him. However, it turns out he has a sadistic nature against other people too loh!

An example is when he is in the middle of his journey to a place and he sees Leo being mugged by the criminals. He did not care and let Leo alone beaten and taken his money. However, at the end of the story he usually takes back the money Leo had taken away by the criminals.

In addition, he also often hurt Zapp that he did not like. But, the good side of Chain is that if he loves his friend, it will be protected. One of them is Angelica. Zapp back and forth asking for the number mobile Angelica told Chain, but never Chain gave because he knew Zapp was not a decent man for his friend.


Famous As Invisible Werewolf

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<p style= Chain Fact Kekkai Sensen The next one was he famous as "Invisible Werewolf" . Nevertheless, this Werewolf Bureau member can not really disappear like a ghost.

However, what is meant by this nickname is that if he is really trying to eliminate his existance, then people will not feel him. This also affects people who know Chain.

The only way to counter the effects of this Chain is to break the code it creates, namely " a link to the world (chain) wishes to return to" which can be interpreted as the place where Chain wants to go back. One successful way is to bring Steven A. Starphase to Chain's apartment.


Chain Is Not a Reliable Shooter

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<p style= In battle, Chain usually uses two pistols. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that Chain and most other members Werewolf Bureau can not shoot well.

However, Chain was very reliable in gathering information, interrogating people, and performing hacking . One of the Chain's often-used abilities is Patient Case: Heart Attack, where Chain's hand pierces his enemy's body and Chain pulls his enemy's heart out of their bodies.


He Strong Drinking Alcohol

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<p style= If you have been watching the latest episode of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond you must realize that Chain is a reliable drinker. Told in the episode that there were two criminals who rob Leo and although Chain saw the incident, Chain did not help Leo.

Until finally they meet in a bar, and the villain accepts Chain's challenge to do a drinking contest. They end up drinking a lot of alcohol, even until the villain is no longer strong, Chain still not drunk at all.

Bar's customers also make bets and support Chain in the drinking competition, so it can be concluded that many know Chain's resistance to alcoholic beverages.


He Has Feelings On Steven A. Starphase

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<p style= The Chain Fact Kekkai Sensen the latter is on one of chapter manga Kekkai Sensen entitled "Werewolf Mission (Chain Possible)" it is shown that Chain has feelings for Steven A. Starphase. In fact, Steven himself was aware of the feelings Chain had for him.

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Such is the fact of Chain Kekkai Sensen what do you think? Do not forget to voice your opinion if you know any other facts that are not in this article in the comment field yes!

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