Extraordinary Strong, This Great Jutsu Has Great Power!


No mercy! The combined jutsu in the Naruto anime manga will crush all the enemies that confront it. This is a combined jutsu that has great power.

Cooperation of course will produce maximum results than alone. The Naruto manga anime shows some very powerful and more effective combined jutsu to finish off the enemy in a short time.

Jutsu combined can be a combination of special jutsu coordinated in one attack or can also be a combination of changes in elements that strengthen one another. This is a combined jutsu in the Naruto manga anime that has great power.


Raiton: Daburu Rariatto

Other names: Lightning Release: Double Lariat

User: A and Killer B

This technique is a combo brothers A (Raikage) and his sister, Killer B, this attack is a very deadly attack. The lariat is actually an ordinary fist, but is added with each chakra.

Killer B adds a tail monstrous chakra into his fist while A adds a lightning chakra into his fist. Combo This is done with A and Killer B attacking simultaneously, one from the front and one from the back.

Their natural blow actually already has great strength, let alone the added lightning chakra and tailed beasts added in the blow. For the victims affected by this attack, it is almost certain to be killed or seriously injured because of its tremendous power.


Taikyoku Rasengan

Other names: Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

User: Naruto Uzumaki and Minato

The use of jutsu will also be strengthened if the user has a relationship with each other. This joint jutsu is a joint undertaken by fathers and sons, namely Naruto and Minato.


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Actually, this joint jutsu does not change much the nature of the original jutsu, namely rasengan. This combination only strengthens the attack and gives an emotional effect to the audience.

The emotional effect must have occurred considering that during his lifetime Naruto never saw his father. Can fight and do joint jutsu with his father may never imagined. Surely this jutsu will be able to destroy the enemy with a single blow.


Senpo: Goemon

Other names: Sage Art: Goemon

User: Jiraiya, Shima, and Fukasaku

This jutsu is one of Jiraiya's mainstay jutsu apart from the Rasengan. Upon entering sage mode, Shima and Fukasaku will be on both shoulders of Jiraiya to help.

This jutsu combines 3 elements, namely water in the form of kerosene, wind, and fire which then produces a very large flame. This jutsu will burn the victim mercilessly.

Unfortunately, when Jiraiya used this jutsu, one faces Pain's body in charge of absorbing chakra, so the effect of this jutsu is completely invisible.


Kasoku Buso Kaiten

 jutsu combined "width =" 640 "height =" 360 "/> </p>
<p> Other names: Accelerated Armed Revolving Heaven </p>
<p> User: Tenten, Neji Hyuga, and Rock Lee </p>
<p> Team Guy does not seem to be outdone by other teams that have a great combined jutsu. </p>
<p> The compactness of the Asuma team is of course no doubt whereas Kakashi team certainly looks the most powerful because it filled three important characters. Guy's team proves with this combined formation, Lee, Tenten, and Neji. </p>
<p> The joint of Lee Lee and Hakkesho Kaiten's omelette rhinks creates an energy that has great destructive power. Lee will hug Neji tightly in the jutsu renga. Whirls made by Lee will make Hakkesho Kaiten Neji's jutsu stronger and have a bigger attack area. </p>
<p> This is coupled with weapons from Tenten that are launched towards their opponents. With this combined jutsu, it is not easy for their opponents to dodge. </p>
<h4> There is still a joint jutsu of another shinobi that is no less great in page two, one of which is a joint jutsu of Naruto and Sasuke. Do not miss it! </h4>
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