Extraordinary! It's The 6 Strongest Kage Jutsu!

Throughout the history of Naruto to Boruto the Five Kage is the most respected figure in the shinobi world, possesses great jutsu abilities, and becomes a major milestone in the way of diplomatic relations between the five countries!

Through the Kage also in Naruto occurred various proxy wars called the Shinobi World War, which even happened up to four times! Through the various battles of each of these village heads, what jutsu can be regarded as the strongest of these Kage's moves? Find the answer here!

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<p> Jutsu possessed by Mei Terumi has its own uniqueness due to its nature as <em> Kekkei Genkai </em> which requires the ability to manipulate lava elements! Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage transforms the image of the sadistic village into a tourist destination! </p>
<p> However, his brutality as a former Kirigakure bloody academy graduate is certainly reflected through his attacks, capable of creating a gap in the protection of Susano'o though! </p>
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With number 6 as the opening of this list, what is your favorite moment of entry in this list? Find out on the next page!

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