Ex-Member Morning Musume, So Voiced by Henkei Shoujo Next

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<p> <em> gogoanimestv.com – Ex-Member Morning Musume, So Voiced by Henkei Shoujo Next </em> </p>
<p> Previously, it was announced about some previous seiyuu such as Sora Aoi who eventually became a seiyuu of one of his five characters. </p>
<p> This time, the last character of Arisa, played by Morning Musume ex-member Michishige Sayumi contributed her voice. Originally kept secret in the trailer with the words Ex-Top Idol 'M.S'. But it was finally announced on Henkei Shoujo's official twitter that Sayumi was one of her seiyuu. </p>
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Sayumi Michishige is a member of the Morning Musume idol group from 2003 to 2014. He is also the leader of the team during 2012 to 2014. Also a member with a long membership.

The Henkei Shoujo – Arisa Hen series will air on October 24, 2017. For those who missed his voice, it can really follow Henkei Shoujo nih ~

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