Eren Yeager Considered the Enemy of the World!


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<h4> Eren Yeager is considered the enemy of the world in <em> Attack on Titan </em> 99! Will this ensure all the world's nations invade Eren's island of residence? </h4>
<p> The <em> Attack on Titan </em> 99 has certainly contained <em> spoiler </em>especially for those who are still waiting for <em> season </em> 3 of 2018 later. So if you are lazy to get a leak, you obviously mistakenly entered the article. </p>
<p> But if you for example have already read the chapter and are confused about certain parts, or do not mind <em> spoiler </em>please read the review below. </p>
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Eren Understanding Reiner's Motivation

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Attack on Titan 99 shows that Eren has grown considerably from his days as a youth obsessed with massacring Titan. Having long infiltrated Marley, Eren understood very well what Reiner, Annie, and Bertolt had once destroyed his hometown.

They just want to save the world. Or rather, the boys thought they could save the world.

Eren confesses she came to Marley to do the same thing that Reiner wanted first. The problem is, in the past the idea of ​​Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie saving the world is causing disaster in Shiganshina District.

From Reiner's fears during his talk with Eren, there is an indication that Reiner suspects Eren was planning to do such a move on Marley. But really? Maybe so, see what happens.


There is a Mysterious Party Moving Behind the Shadow

Eren Yeager arrests Falco and Reiner by inviting him to a chat.

Meanwhile, there was a soldier who lured Porco and Pieck into the trap room. The soldier then dropped Porco and Pieck into the hole. Earlier, the soldier had also directed Zeke Yeager to a different place, apparently calculating that Zeke could damage the plan.

Given Porco and Pieck are both Titan Shifter, falling from such heights will not kill them. But considering this in the middle of the city, maybe both Porco and Pieck would not be carelessly transformed into a Titan.

Pieck had previously commented that he recognized the soldier who guided him. Well, Cartman Titan has already met with many Survey Corps fighters in Zeke's assault there.

Who do you think the warrior traps Porco and Pieck? The author feels this warrior is Jean. Another possibility is Levi, the person who must have known Pieck because it has several times threatened Zeke's life. But the man was too tall for Levi. Even after time skip the author felt that Levi would not suddenly become tall.

Then there is this lady. His name is Kiyomi Azumabito, the woman who in chapter 98 helped an Eldia friend Falco's friends not to be punished. Whereas the expensive kimono got spilled wine because of the child's fault.

Kiyomi meets Willy Tybur in this chapter. Willy also knew him, apparently breaking the notion that Kiyomi is Mikasa.

If Kiyomi is not Mikasa, it seems that he still knows the movement of Eren's troops. After congratulating Willy, he and his men decide to leave immediately. Suspicious, is not it?

Or, well, this Kiyomi is actually planning the attack against Willy. Therefore he deliberately stepped aside now, for he already knew that there would be a massacre in the Eldia settlement area shortly.

It is a very suitable place to use as an ambush. In the event of trouble, the perpetrators are only considered Eldians.

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