EPIC! It's 6 The Longest Story of One Piece's First!

Undoubtedly, the story of the past One Piece is one of the reasons the story One Piece can go on for so long.

Just imagine this, in Japan one month it is normal to have 4 chapters One Piece . Some stories of the past One Piece There are up to 8 chapters! That means this story spends two months told in Weekly Shōnen Jump and can eat one volume on its own if it is booked.

What are some of the earliest examples of the [OnePiece story of the past so far? The list is below!



Tony Tony Chopper's Story (Chapters 141-145)



The story of Tony Tony Chopper's past is quite surprising in its length.

The story of the past of the Straw Hats at East Blue is three chapters long. Do not believe? The story of Nami's past with Belle-Mere starts from chapter 77 and ends in chapter 79.

Sanji, who told the chef's encounter with Zeff? It starts from chapter 56 and ends in chapter 58.

The story of Chopper runs from chapter 141 and ends in chapter 145. But not just long, this story is also remembered as one of the most moving stories in history One Piece . Starting from Chopper's attempt to obtain the fungus, which turned out to be highly toxic, and ended with Hilda's heartbreaking demise, the story of 19459004 One Piece this one is indeed very impressive.



The Story of Noland and Calgara (Chapters 286-292)



When asked, "What is the longest one story One Piece " may be one that comes to your mind (without seeing this list) is the story of Noland and Calgara.

Nothing wrong. Walking from chapters 286 to 292, the story of Noland and Calgara is quite long and epic. In fact, unless the author misses or forgets certain past stories, this is the first flashback story that lasts seven chapters.

With the duration of these seven chapters, the reader is really helped understand the history of the Shandia tribe and their relationship with the inhabitants of Celestial Island. The story of Noland the Liar is revealed, presenting a more tragic story than the one known to the population One Piece .

Continued story of the past One Piece The longest you can check on the second page!

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