Ending Surprises from Toriyama? Will There be New Dragon Ball Series After Super!?

Dragon Ball Super is getting closer to the end. Anime whose story is made by Akira Toriyama is now leaving only two episodes, namely episodes 130 and 131, which will be released on 18 and 25 March. Well, after Dragon Ball Super graduation, will there be [DragonBall new series later? Producer Satoru Takami and director Ryota Nakamura who worked on Dragon Ball Super have a rather intriguing information curiosity!

In interview which was released on the official website of Dragon Ball both chatted on how [DragonBallSuper was made, from story development, character creation, to the end of the story Super itself. Well, when talking about the ending of this story, they also commented about the future Dragon Ball .

Takami said that he hopes the fan watches the final episode of Nakamura's directive and ending story prepared by Akira Toriyama. He also felt that Toriyama- sensei was preparing more stories.

This comment surely makes us think, "Will the tone of the Dragon Ball new series Super ?" And we are increasingly intrigued by the follow-up comment from the Director, Nakamura:

"Even when the story is over, please still watch it to the end and do not move channel . There will be something special! "


What's the "special thing" that Nakamura means? Surely, it is most likely not Gegege no Kitaro to be aired on Fuji TV in place of the Dragon Ball Super but something related to Dragon Ball – 19459004 – can be a series Dragon Ball new!

Obviously, this is not certain until we actually witness the end of Dragon Ball Super . In addition, it is possible that the "something special" is meant Dragon Ball movie which will be aired at the end of the year. But, until that moment comes, let's hope that he's referring to the [DragonBall new series which is better than Super .

What do you think it is? If that is really meant new Dragon Ball series, are you interested to see it? Do not hesitate to voice your opinion in the comment field yes!

Source: Official website Dragon Ball (via Kanzenshuu)

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