Ending Song Boruto New! Show Boruto and Her Genetic Friends!


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<h4 style= New year, also present something new from the anime series Boruto ie ending song . In ending song Boruto recently, the main character with his friends was shown when he became Genin!

Anime Boruto gets new ending song in episode 40. In the ending song of Boruto recently, is shown something exciting, and interesting, namely the development of Boruto and its his friends who are now Genin and divided into teams of three.

The song in ending song Boruto newly titled "Denshin Tamashi" and performed by the Jikkyōsha Wakuwaku Band Game.

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The scene opens with all of Boruto's foster friends who are now Genin. They are shown one by one and in order with their team members. Here, they have been wearing their different Genin outfits while they were still at the Academy.

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<p style= The new Ending song Boruto also shows the transition of the characters. Their development from still in the Academy we've seen for dozens of episodes, until finally they became Genin. These developments include the Hokage's facial expression which increases according to the number of occupied Hokage

If we are more accurate, there is one team that is most highlighted in the ending song Boruto recently, the team of 15, the members of Sumire Kakei, Wasabi Izuno and Namida Suzumeno. Anything interesting here, maybe later this 15 team will get a special storyline that influences them, especially Sumire?

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<p style= In addition, each character who is in contemporaries with Boruto also gets the small details shown, usually relating to objects that they like, such as the potato chocoos for Chocou and Inojin's distinctive brushes he used to draw.

For the author himself, ending song Boruto new is really cool and interesting. Here, it really describes the story of a Ninja, unlike the previous ending song which is like the Slice of Life anime and tells about school life only.

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<p style= The part that most writers love is when every team from the Boruto era comes up with their distinctive moves, here they have really seen to be a great Genin, and have grown from the previous Academy students.

What do you think about ending song Boruto recently? The author himself is very fond of, and if you have an opinion of your own, write your opinion in the comment field, yes.


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