Ending One Dragon Ball Manga This Is Not Much Known by Fans!


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<h4> Psst, apparently ending manga <em> Dragon Ball </em> original there are two kinds, you know! This one is not much known to fans and apparently still has to do with <em> Dragon Ball </em> <em> Super </em>. </h4>
<p> As we know, the original Dragon Ball </em> manga <em> ends with Goku who decides to train Uub to be his successor in protecting the earth someday. <em> Ending </em> itself is presented at the end of volume 42. Well, did you know that there is <em> ending </em> manga <em> Dragon Ball </em> others are slightly different and related to <em> Dragon Ball Super </em>? </p>
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After the manga the original Dragon Ball ended in the 90s, the manga was re-published in early 2000 with the label Kanzenban or Perfect Edition . If the original manga is 42 volumes, then the manga edition Kanzenban consists of 34 volumes.

At first glance, nothing has changed from this Kanzenban edition . However, there are some changes at the end of the manga. The most obvious is how Goku decided to train Uub. If in the original version Goku only flew to the end of the sky while carrying Uub, then on 19459004 manga Dragon Ball edition Kanzenban there will be scenes of Kintoun's Goku Uub.

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<p> These changes may not be drastic enough. However, the delivery of the Kintoun cloud to this Uub symbolically illustrates that the Uub will be the next protector of the earth. Oh, in the original manga as well, Toriyama narrates that the earth will be protected by the Dragon Ball, but in this Kanzenban <em> </em> edition, he adds <em> update </em> in the form of a statement that Uub and other powerful men will continue Goku's struggle in protecting the Earth in the future. </p>
<p> This feels better than the original version because the original version itself is too undefined (too <em> open ending </em>) and in a hurry. It also explains why this edition was named <em> Kanzenban </em> or <em> Perfect Edition </em>. Oh, and <em> ending </em> This edition was also made by Akira Toriyama himself, you know! Thus, <em> ending </em> manga <em> Dragon Ball </em> which is also calculated as the story <em> canon </em> or version <em> update </em>. </p>
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<p> Additionally, in <em> ending </em> this is also no other change. If in the original version Akira Toriyama gave the closing words to the manga <em> Dragon Ball </em> -which shows that [DragonBall</em> <em> is really over-then on the <em> Kanzenban </em> edition, the closing words were removed and replaced with Vegeta who said that someday he would surpass Goku. </p>
<h4> Then, what to do with the manga ending <em> Dragon Ball </em> is this with <em> Dragon Ball Super </em>? Continue to page 2! </h4>
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