End of Sanji and Germa Family Disputes

Sanji's fighting and his own family, Germa or Vinsmoke find an end! (19459004) preview One Piece and this time we will discuss preview One Piece episode 840 !

In the preview of One Piece episode 840, we will discuss what happened with Luffy, Sanji, and his temporary alliance group after the Big Mom family fought back.

Okay, we covered a bit One Piece episode 839. In this episode, the Germa 66 family turned to help the Straw Hats group. Actually more like reply to the mind, remember before they were almost dead, but saved by Sanji and his friends.

After Nami, Carrot and Chopper were captured, with members of Germa 66 changing and assisting the group's escape, and Bege turned into Big Father, a gigantic castle protecting alliance.

Then, what happened to One Piece episode 840? Check out the preview below!

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<p> This is indeed the plan, because everything is already in the Big Father, Automatically only Bege as Big Father is still fighting Big Mom and his family alone. </p>
<p> Big Father is gigantic and powerful, but by no means indestructible. According to Bege himself, if the gate is destroyed, then Bege will die, and the people will come out. </p>
<p> If Bege dies, and the others come out, then it is clear the Big Mom family will attack them immediately. </p>
<p> On the other hand, while explaining the above to Luffy and others, Bege endures the pain, because wildly, Big Mom strikes him from the outside in anger. </p>
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So sick, Bege is inside her even to get blood out of her head, in the part that is beaten by Big Mom.

Luffy certainly can not accept it, and wants to jump out to beat up Big Mom, nonetheless, detained by others, especially members of the Straw Hats themselves.

According to Nami, their duty has been fulfilled, that is saving Sanji, and since the beginning there is no battle on their agenda, because if they want to fight, they should invite Zoro and others (can not fight Yonko with only half group).

In addition, Nami also expresses Sanji's desire, which is to save her family, so Germa 66 is quite surprised by Sanji's wishes.

What is the impact on Sanji and the Germa family? Check the next page for advanced preview One Piece episode 840!

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