Ellen Baker, the Stunning English Teacher, Releasing His Own Calendar


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Ellen Baker, the the hilarious English teacher again comes not as a character in the book, but as a character in the calendar.

Ellen Baker, an English teacher who is present like an anime character and had made viral some time ago is present again to provide English lessons. This time Ellen Baker not only teaches in books, but in a calendar.

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The calendar created directly by Eight Station will not eliminate the publisher's main goal, New Horizon, to always help people who want to learn English. In this calendar, Ellen Baker, designed as it should by not displaying it sexily and still maintaining the originality of the image.

The new calendar released in January 2018 is divided into three sizes, namely the size of LP, B3, and A5.

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Calendar of the size of LP is a special calendar displayed on the wall.In addition, the illustrations will be given a different picture every month along with the choice of English and notes in countries that use English.The LP size calendar is priced at 1,620 yen or about 198.000 rupiah

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Calendar of size B3 not too much different from the LP-sized calendar, which are both specially displayed on the wall.However, the difference is, in this size there is no big picture as it is available in LP size and replaced by an English vocabulary for a full year .

B3 own calendar is priced at 1,728 yen or about 211,000 rupiah and is perfect for those who really want to learn English.

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The last is the calendar A5 size This calendar is suitable to be placed on the table by presenting a list of vocabulary illustrated every month.In addition, the illustration in this desktop calendar only displays a list of vocabulary in English only, while the other calendar shows two languages ​​namely Japanese and English.

For an A5 size calendar, priced at 1,296 yen or about 160,000 rupiah.

For those of you who want to live in 2018 with an English taught by Ellen Baker, you can order the calendar through the official website of Eight Station or through Amazon Japan.

source: en.rocketnews24.com, edited by Fachrul Razi

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