Eligible Pitted! Team 7 Naruto vs. Sannin, Who's Stronger?

All 7 team members have grown up, even married when the story of Uzumaki Boruto begins! In this case, of course they are mature enough to be pitted against their famous trio of predecessors in the shinobi world!

Sannin incised their legend as a formidable ascetic to face the Hanzo ninja at the Third Shinobi World War. And Team 7 also has great achievements in the Fourth Shinobi World War!

With this comparison, is there another comparison of Team 7 Konohagakure eligible to pit against the three Sannins as their former mentors? Do not be surprised just before reading these facts!



The Only Human Team That Seals Kaguya Otsutsuki!



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<p> Team 7 has an impossible achievement by mankind. It is difficult to kill an Otsutsuki, but to seal Kaguya alive is even more difficult! </p>
<p> Escaping Mugen Tsukuyomi thanks to Rinnegan, and defeating Kaguya Otsutsuki through a direct fight is a testament to their strength. Not to mention Naruto and Sasuke are officially the incarnations of Asura and Indra Otsutsuki! </p>
<p> Not only that, even the descendants of Uzumaki Naruto was also able to kill the entity whose strength approached Kaguya Otsutsuki! Just ask Boruto! </p>
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The Closer Friendship Union!



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<p> There was a serious split between the three Sannins as they parted ways. While Team 7 actually ended their split peacefully and became the third most respected figure in Konohagakure! </p>
<p> Orochimaru's betrayal on behalf of science would be hard to forgive. But as salt sows over their reputation wounds, Sannin's sins are simply forgiven by Team 7! </p>
<p> Jiraiya still has not solved his romance desire for Tsunade, who is more apathetic. Meanwhile Orochimaru was more interested in furthering his own career and just happened to accept the Sannin title with the two men. </p>
<p> Well, so for a general comparison between these two teams. How is the comparison between Team 7 and Sannin on a more personal level? Of course every member should be compared with his teachers in this shinobi world! </p>
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Curious about how it works if they are pitted? Of course the answer is on next page!

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