Eiichiro Oda Sometimes Forgetting One Piece Side Character ?! Here's the interview!

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One Piece is an interesting series. Figures who initially considered unimportant could suddenly be revealed as a vital figure for the world in the future. There are also minor clues which then become the key to an event.

We suppose Sanji poster that the picture is wrong because of the negligence of the photographer. In addition to complicating the life of Duval, it turns out that the wrong poster gives Sanji time to not directly recognize his own family. As soon as the posters were actually released, the Vinsmoke family immediately requested that Sanji's game posters be labeled "Just captured alive" and he was immediately searched.

Then there is also Crocus. Crocus already admitted that before relaxing in the lighthouse, he once went to sea. It turns out he revealed that he was fishing at Oro Jackson, his ship Gol D. Roger himself.

So how does Eiichiro Oda take care of side character One Piece ? Because the number just now it seems already hundreds.

In an interview with Weekly Shōnen Jump Oda was questioned on this issue.

Weekly Shonen Jump: "How do you monitor hundreds of side characters? Have you planned their reappearance from afar? "

Eiichiro Oda: "Sometimes it is planned sometimes not. And sometimes the characters I completely forgot were back. The longer this series runs, the more its character. But one thing that is different from One Piece than any other series is that the defeated villain is most likely alive. So I can bring up anyone again. All characters have a chance to return. "

Surprisingly enough, huh? Amazingly, this is true for Buggy as well. Buggy plays a very important role from the groove of Impel Down to Marineford. But Oda admits,

Weekly Shōnen Jump: "Is the return of Buggy in the Impel Down groove already planned?"

Eiichiro Oda: "Not at all! His thinking is part of this story will be very dark, so I need a funny character. So I think again the characters who may have been arrested and imprisoned in Impel Down. "

Looks like this interview not only signifies Oda experts in preparing the plot. Make no mistake, it seems that the plan of Impel Down line itself has been thought of for a long time, until he can know that the plot until Marineford will be dark.


But the way he integrates Buggy, which he did not initially plan, so that it becomes very important to the whole Marineford groove proves that Oda is also an expert at fiddling with plots. The proof of the new Buggy he added lately his role was presented well.

How do you think about how this Oda works? Convey in the comment field!

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