Eiichiro Oda Confessing Difficulty Make These 2 Piece Beautiful Characters!


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<h4 style= Beautiful character One Piece there are many, but which one is hardest to make by Eiichiro Oda? Here is the creator's answer!

One Piece is filled with a variety of characters, ranging from strange shapes, cool, to interesting-looking characters. However, of the many characters created, Eiichiro Oda confessed that there are 2 beautiful characters One Piece that are very difficult to make. Who is it?

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In a question and answer session at One Piece 26 th Log Oda was asked who were the hardest characters made? The creator also replied that two beautiful characters in One Piece : Hancock and Shirahosi are the most difficult to make.

This is because the pretty face liked by Oda is very limited, so she is confused to make a beautiful character that can be liked by many readers. The following is the complete answer of the creator One Piece :

" Hancock and Shirahoshi. It's really hard to make beautiful women's designs because the number of female faces I like is very limited especially with the long serialization of One Piece. I can make as many male character designs as I want. I can draw the face of a female character like the ladies of Amazon Lily, but it's another story when drawing a 'beautiful woman'.

I built the hype of the readers by saying Hancock is so beautiful even though I did not give any details or designs before Hancock appeared. That way, I have to convince Hancock's readers to be really beautiful when he comes out in the manga. I managed to find the idea how to make a most beautiful woman in the world. I'm really grateful for Hancock being a popular character. "

Oda further explains that he did not intentionally mention that he accidentally mentioned that Shirahosi has a beauty like Hancock.

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<p style= " But, inadvertently I re-create the hype when mentioning that the Mermaid has a beauty beauty like Hancock !! One more character as beautiful as Hancock ..!? Actually, I'm someone who can imagine my potential in the future. Then, I created a beautiful character named Shirahoshi.

Shirahosi was the first woman in my serialization career for 10 years who had eyebrows down !! (The eyebrow shape makes it look like a problem) I never draw a woman like Shirahoshi because I prefer a strong and strong woman, but I enjoy the making process and think, 'He is better than I thought.' "

Oda closes her answer by saying that she will bring back the character of a beautiful woman in the future. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this Oda meaning he will create a new female character or will bring back the old characters that have changed after timeskip .

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Do you think it's prettier: Hancock or Shirahoshi? Or do you have a beautiful character One Piece others? Say your opinion in the comment field yes!

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