Early Duel of Boruto Versus Kagura!


Boruto episode 29 shows a continuation of conflict with the Shizuma group. Boruto is assisted by Chojuro, but is the Mizukage Six's help enough?

Discussion Boruto this 29th episode clearly contains the spoiler . So for those who have not watched and do not want to get leaked, be expected to be careful before continuing.

Then, where can you watch? The author does use the paid service Crunchyroll, which aired Boruto in the same day and hour as Japan.

For those who do not mind spoiler or have been watching and do not want to miss the interesting details, go read the review below.



So, For What Shiguma to Kirigakure?

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One of the curious authors of Boruto episode 28 is why Suigetsu fled back to Kirigakure. The last time he was seen still at Orochimaru's headquarters, mis-diagnose Sarada. Does he want to secure the seven swords Shizuma stole for himself?

Apparently not. Suigetsu was sent to warn Mitsuki not to engage in a chaos with Shizuma. But … Orochimaru knows that Mitsuki has a rebel attitude, so the warning is actually more like a reverse message: please get involved against Shizuma.

Suigetsu himself does not like Shizuma. Just like the writer, Suigetsu considers Shizuma and his friends only a bunch of boys who do not even know what war is. There is an indication that he wanted to destroy Shizuma himself, but he fully surrenders this to Mitsuki.

The author himself wants Suigetsu to be involved against Shizuma. But after this episode, the authors calculate that Boruto (without Boruto himself realizing it) has actually been supported by six people against the Shizuma group. Although six of the seven are boys. (One of them is a boy who can access Sage Mode anyway).


The daughter of Raiga Kurosuki

Still remember the girl following Shizuma, who first appeared to annoy Boruto? It turns out that this is Buntan Kurosuki, the son of Raiga Kurosuki. He also inherited the sword from his own father in the robbery of seven weapons of Kirigakure heritage.

Buntan, Shizuma, Kagura, and others managed to steal the seven treasures without problems. They can even overcome all the security just to show off the power.

Seeing Samehada can be stolen so easily, the author feels that Killer B does not need to return the sword to Kirigakure.

Not only that interesting stuff from Borhor episode 29. Read the sequel on the second page!


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