Dreaded Reputation, This Is The Kind of Kaido Sins Already Known!


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<h4> Since Thriller Bark alone Kaido's reputation has sounded frightening. This is a collection of known Kaido sins so far! </h4>
<p> How horrible is the reputation of Kaido? Even compared to fellow Yonko, like Big Mom, the terror of this creature's name has spread further. </p>
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Just imagine, so far the new Kaido appear briefly. But before his appearance was known any event in Thriller Bark and Dressrosa proved that he is a figure that is feared, even by members of the Shichibukai.

What is Kaido's known sin? Let's check one by one.


Crushing the Crew and Mental Gekko Moriah

In the past, Gekko Moriah is said to be a person whose personality is different from her now. He, especially, really appreciates his crew. They are not just zombies that he will sacrifice to fulfill his ambitions.

Then Kaido kills them all.

The author certainly does not know what happened until Gekko Moriah can still live. Whether he ran away from his crew, his entire crew sacrificed themselves for Moriah to escape, or Kaido forgave him for being bored. Obviously, the incident made Moriah feel the best crew for him were the zombie troops.

Suspected of Moriah's lazy nature arose because of one of the traumatic effects of the Kaido massacre.

Already embarrassed over and over again, will Moriah become an ally when Luffy decides to face Kaido? It seems to be touching that this one pirate is given a chance to beat up Kaido, for the sake of his now dead counterparts.

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Slaying with the Kubz Kozuki Clan

If Kaido does not like a group, he does not play games. Moriah group able to get to New World? He slaughtered them all, leaving his captain alone.

Kaido is also known to have executed Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke's father, very brutally. How brutal? Kozuki DIREBUS alive.

Not only that, it seems that he and his men also slaughtered a Kozuki clan, including Oden's wife. Though Kozuki's own family can be considered very vital, because this ancestor family who once carved Poneglyph.

That's why the writer believes that if Luffy manages to defeat Kaido, then Wano will gladly proclaim himself as a country protected by the Straw Hats. Kaido's sin against the Kozuki family is truly remarkable.

Yep, has not appeared for a long time Kaido's sin is so horror. But still unfinished, check on the second page


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