Dragon Ball Super Will Hiatus? The Clock is Taken Over Another Anime April April Later!


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<h4> <em> Gegege no Kitaro </em> will take over the airing hour <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> starting April 1st! Does this mean <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> going on hiatus? </h4>
<p> Currently, <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> is at the very end of the Universal Survival saga storyline. Tournament of Power leaves only a handful of fighters from the two strongest universes. It is estimated that the tournament determining the fate of this universe will end at the end of March. </p>
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After that, the unexpected fate of the super-popular Dragon Ball Super series was overwhelmed by a question mark.

Popular Fan-translator Todd Blankenship delivers an engaging translation of the Japanese newspaper on his Twitter account. It is mentioned that Gegege no Kitaro will take over the Dragon Ball Super start date from April 1.

When this calculation is true, then the last episode Dragon Ball Super is 131. Not 133? In a series of cuttings, Blankenship also reminded that there will be two days off for Super before April 1, ie February 25 (due Tokyo Marathon) and March 11 (due to Nagoya Marathon).

Hearing this, you might think that Super will be replaced by new Dragon Ball serial. But Fuji TV stated that there is no plan to broadcast the new Dragon Ball series because Super themselves, they say, is not finished yet.

Of course the speech of Fuji TV representatives translated by Blankenship above gives an interesting implication: if the series is not finished yet, is it Dragon Ball Super going on hiatus?

Season Finale?

When true Dragon Ball Super will be hiatus, then apparently fan Dragon Ball can assume the end of the Universal Survival saga as the unofficial cover of the Dragon Ball Super .


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Yep, Super was a series type running non-stop unless there was an important event that forced this title for a holiday. But this announcement gives an indication that the fan Dragon Ball will also feel the hiatus waiting for the new season, as it has been sampled by the fan Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and other titles.

This is not a bad thing, of course. Universal Survival saga has proven to be an epic plot. At the end of the story, Vegeta and Goku are likely to have reached the God of Destruction level to be able to defeat Jiren.

After that, the team of scriptwriters may indeed need some time off in order to think of a fresh plot, making use of Goku and Vegeta who are already extraordinarily powerful.

What do you think about the possibility Dragon Ball Super going on this hiatus? Convey in the comment field!

Source: Todd Blankenship


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