Dragon Ball Super Will Be Over? Universe Survival Saga Will End May 2018!

According to Chioka and Sakurada, Universe Survival Saga will end until March 2018-4 months from now. If counted, there will be at least 15 more episodes before this one Saga ends.

Uniquely, many rumors say that [DragonBallSuper will be finished once Universe Survival Saga. This is also refuted by Shioka and Sakurada himself. They even say that Universe Survival Saga is just warming up, you know!

The director and producer of the anime Dragon Ball Super also says that Akira Toriyama still has the idea of ​​continuing this series. Uniquely, though Dragon Ball Super was planned as a link between the end of the battle against Kid Buu and also the end of Dragon Ball (where Goku meets Uub), but it is possible that the end result is not so .

This is because Akira Toriyama has not decided what it would be like ending from [DragonBallSuper himself. Does this mean there will be new ending again?

Well, whichever it is, it's good to know that this series will last a long time-perhaps, like the seiyuu of Son Goku, this series can have more than 700 episodes. In addition, hearing that the Tournament of Power is a "warm-up" for Dragon Ball Super we can hope that there will be a more 'crazy' fight later on.

The fight of Goku and Vegeta as the god of destruction against other destructive gods is possible? Well, who knows …

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