Dragon Ball Super Gives Leaked Left and End of the Anime It?

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<p> News from Super Dragon Ball that this anime is forecast to end in March 2018. Tap beneran guns still going to finish? However, it has been confirmed from the Dragon Ball producer that March 2018 will not be the end of Dragon Ball but he confirmed this anime will be a lot of surprises! </p>
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It seems the Tournament of Power arc will run to March 2018, but nothing is said about that being the end for Super: https://t.co/SgVw3qOmT2 pic.twitter.com/Lypc5AGrta

– Todd Blankenship (@ Herms98) November 4, 2017

Explained that the arc Universe Survival is just a warm up from the next arc. Also confirmed, that this Super Dragon Ball will be related to the original ending of Toriyama sensei's work. While Toriyama sensei himself has not announced clearly the end of this anime, given the March 2018 is very close. Surely because it has not seen such an ending, Toiyama sensei has not planned the end of this manga / anime.

It is told by Kimitoshi Chioka and Hiroyuki Sakurada who is the producer and director of this anime at the Salon Del Manga Convention event in Barcelona.

Hopefully Dragon Ball guns will not be reported to be finished in March, because the story is absurd. But nakama tachi prefer to finish or go? Get also more interesting info about your favorite Anime and Manga News only at gogoanimestv.com

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