Dragon Ball Super End? Do not Worry, There Are 3 Other Dragon Ball Series In The Year 2018!


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Sad Dragon Ball Super finish in next March? Do not be sad because there are still other Dragon Ball in 2018 that you can still enjoy!

Although staying digadang can reach 700 episodes, but it seems Dragon Ball Super will actually end at the end of March. Yes, not hiatus, but graduated . This is confirmed by Fuji TV as the Japanese TV station that broadcast Dragon Ball Super that Dragon Ball Super graduated in March.

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Surely, this is not something that is fun for the Dragon Ball Super fan (or just the opposite?). However, for you Dragon Ball fan there is no need to grieve with the end of one of these most popular series because there is still another Dragon Ball series that you can enjoy in 2018!

Yes, there are still at least 3 Dragon Ball that you can enjoy before or after Dragon Ball Super finish later. What do you think it is? Here are 3 other Dragon Ball series that you can enjoy even though Dragon Ball Super is over.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

 Dragon Ball Fighters

Although Dragon Ball Super is finished, but at least there are still games Dragon Ball FighterZ to be released in the near future-end of January. Since it was announced on E3 last year, Dragon Ball FighterZ is touted as the most anticipated game of 2018! Not to mention, this game is staying digadang will be the game Dragon Ball best ever made.

With the graphics and pace rapid battles typical ' Dragon Ball ', this game also features the iconic moments of the Dragon Ball animanga series. Not to forget, the characters offered are also quite a lot. Characters ranging from Dragon Ball Z, like Kuririn and Yamcha, to the latest Dragon Ball Super such as Hit and Goku Black, also participated in this game.

Interestingly, Dragon Ball FighterZ is also going to have an original story in which Majin's character Android 21 will be his antagonist. Although it can be counted non-canon but who can reject the original story Dragon Ball ?

Quite a lot of non-canon stories from Dragon Ball that you can not miss just like: Cooler's Revenge and The Return of Cooler , Broly – The Super Saiyan Legendary and Broly – Second Coming are also good, oh and do not forget movies like Super Android 13 and Fusion Reborn .

Therefore, it is a pity if we miss the original story Dragon Ball FighterZ .


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


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Likes Dragon Ball? You have to play this one game!

Duniaku.net itself is now getting ever tasted [DragonBallFighterZ during the PlayStation Experience and Tokyo Game Show last year. Currently, we have already obtained copy from Dragon Ball Fighter Z . Wait review more of us, yes!

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released on 26 January 2018 for the upcoming PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Eits, there are 2 more Dragon Ball series that you can enjoy in 2018 even though Dragon Ball Super is over, you know! What are they? Continue to page 2!


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