Rumors Saying Dragon Ball Super Will End After Episode 133!

Rumors Saying Dragon Ball Super Will End After Episode 133!

Howdy Minna, I’m here with short but good news. On my social media account, I’ve been getting a lot messages on this topic. That Dragon Ball Super will End soon or will end in November. But, let me tell you the complete confirmed truth. If you guys see some spoilers for any Dragon Ball Super episode, what does that mean? Like for example, I saw spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 108. And, there are no spoilers for Episode 109 then That Means there will be no Dragon Ball Super after Episode 108? Well, No. It just means that we have only given amount of information which says that this will happen in this Episode and later on more information will be revealed. Same goes for the 133 Episode list. Like, They just released that 133 Episodes will be aired, this doesn’t mean Super is going to end. It just means that it is confirmed that we will get to see at least 133 Episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Rumors Saying Dragon Ball Super Will End After Episode 133!

Other than that, Famous YouTuber (Geekdom101) Commented :

  • Super was Never Greenlit for 100, 200, 145, etc episodes before it ever aired. Virtually no TV series ever gets Greenlit for that many episodes before it airs. If Super was not a success, it would be cancelled. No modern anime series will ever go into production for 100 episodes before it starts, Even if its Dragon Ball.
  • Super will continue as long as it is deemed successful and no catastrophes happen. The Dragon Ball franchise is expected to make 48 billion Yen in 2018.
  • It has not been confirmed anywhere that Super is ending at episode 133 or any other number.
  • It has never been stated or confirmed in any official source that Super, nor this arc, is ending in November.
  • If you read this and still think that we are wrong, you’re beig willfully ignorant and have no clue about how this series is produced.

Rumors Saying Dragon Ball Super Will End After Episode 133

So, don’t worry about the ending guys. Just make sure that you are watching it on Official sites so that the Producers will get enough revenue to keep running the show.

That’s all for Today, Thanks for Reading.

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