Dragon Ball Super 130 Preview: Time for the Last Fight!

After 129 episodes have passed, the final fight Dragon Ball Super will really peak in episode 130. The title of the 130th episode alone confirms the outbreak of the violent battle, "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle! "

Goku has accessed Ultra Instinct Perfect, allowing him to dodge and attack without thinking. In episode 129 he can push Jiren easily. But apparently the fight will not end as easily.

Dragon Ball Super Preview 130 shows that Jiren will not allow himself to fall short despite Goku has reached the Perfect Ultra Instinct. His Pride Troopers uniform had opened his boss, showing his sturdy body. Preview also conveys that Jiren adds his strength again to face Goku.


It is worth remembering that after Toppo's defeat also Jiren has already deployed his Ki. The effect, Android 17, Frieza, Vegeta, and Goku (who have not been able to access Ultra Instinct Perfect) was beaten.

But apparently he still has a hidden power. Is it enough to give a fierce fight against Goku? Dragon Ball Super Preview 130 does show Goku beat him up. Even so, preview usually always keeps the most interesting part. (Of course). So make a curious also how the last lunge Jiren and Goku in this Dragon Ball Super .

What about Frieza?

Again, Frieza has not been eliminated. If he is dead, then Jiren would have been eliminated. When he gets out of the arena, he's back in the stands. If he is disqualified, he will be destroyed in public as happened to Frost. This outer space tyrant is still in the ruins of the arena, hiding.

Dragon Ball Super Preview 130 does not show Frieza at all and focus entirely on Jiren-Goku. But the current situation can be spelled out in accordance with the wishes of Frieza.

Frieza will not be able to win against Jiren. He already knew it from the beginning. Then when he tried to kill Jiren, he was humiliated.

But now Jiren will be made battered by Goku. Whoever wins is sure to be very, very tired. Ultra Instinct Perfect Goku should also make him more tired again, because Whis said that the closer a person to the god level, the more draining the power effects as well. Frieza can appear suddenly, eliminating the winner as he once eliminated Cabba – who had been wounded and exhausted by the battle against Monna, and fulfilled his dream: to control the remaining Deity God.


Already curious with Super Dragon Ball 130? Patient. Remember, this episode aired March 18th, not March 11th. There was a delay because the Japanese TV station had to air the Nagoya Marathon first.

How do you think? How will Goku eventually defeat Jiren? Will Frieza be a threat or help? Convey in the comment field!

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