Donat vs Meat ?! Luffy's Victory Reason Turns Simple!

After a long battle between Luffy and Karakuri, Luffy finally comes out as the winner! But do you know what makes Luffy able to outperform Katakuri? Here is the reason for Luffy's victory according to which turned out to be very simple!

Charlotte Katakuri is an effective fighter. Katakuri is a type of fighter who does not like to extend the fight, always using a sharp attack and on target. Thanks to Kenakshoku Haki's Katakuri, almost no attacks from the Katakuri could be missed. Even Luffy had time to trouble because Katakuri at first almost, if not always, about the point where Luffy dodge.

Unfortunately when they both fisted, we all remember how Luffy was so determined to keep rising and rising. Although Katakuri repeatedly tried to subvert it, Luffy still re-rise. Katakuri even complained that Luffy was the first person to avoid this kind of as good as a Katakuri attack. Luffy gradually even able to read the attack Katakuri and gradually evolved to almost exactly match the Katakuri.

Then what can we see from the fighting styles of both of them? What does that affect the reason for Luffy's victory?



Katakuri hardly ever encounters a man who can avoid most of his attacks, meaning that Katakuri's battle has been mostly ending quickly because Katakuri is almost always on target when targeting his opponent. Unlike Luffy who has been determined to continue fighting until he wins, Katakuri expects that he will win easily as what he has been through.

Yep, according to the Katakuri writer is not used to long-term battles. While Luffy? Luffy is almost always faced with a fight that continues to drain his energy. His habit to bounce back has often been seen in Luffy's previous bout. From here certainly no doubt how great the stamina that Luffy has. It's not a new thing for us to see the endless stamina of Luffy, but from where is the source of that gigantic stamina that might have been the reason for Luffy's victory?

Luffy and Katakuri each have favorite foods. Do you know their favorite food together it became one of the reasons why Luffy's victory? Check the second page for detailed discussion!

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