Does Digimon Have Sex? Here Is The Explanation


Some Digimon are depicted to have certain physical characteristics, as if to describe them as having sex. But does the Digimon have a gender?

Children of the 90s would have been familiar with the series titled Digimon . This anime has ever aired on local television, and accompany the children's weekend in Indonesia. In the Digimon series, there are cute and cool monsters named as the title, Digimon.

Not only funny and cool, some Digimon are also depicted with certain physical characteristics, which describe their gender. The example we remember most probably is Angewomon, the evolution of Hikari's Gatomon.

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<p style= After seeing Angewomon, surely you think that this Digimon is female, because she does have a woman's physical characteristics, but, does Digimon have sex?

Actually, Digimon has no gender. In short, Digimon is a collection of data that make up certain physical, such as monsters and animals, and some are shaped like women, or men.

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<p style= Some that look like women for example are Lilymon, Angewomon, Sakuyamon, Minervamon, and many others. While that has a masculine appearance like Angemon, Beelzemon, Gangkoomon, and others. In addition to having physical characteristics, their sounds also usually adjust to their physical characteristics.

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<p style= About Digimon that is naturally devoid of sex, has even been discussed by Renamon in one of the episodes Digimon Tamers on this subject. He said that basically, Digimon has no gender. You can watch the footage below:


If Digimon has no gender, then how do they reproduce and multiply? Digimon does not actually reproduce as humans or animals. Digimon does it by recycling Digimon data.

The Digimon life cycle is also straight-forward, that is, born from Digielgg, becomes a small Digimon, evolves into larger and stronger, dies, then regenerates back into data in DigiEgg, so continuously.

In Digimon Frontier described also about the Burgamon who treat TorikaraBallmon as his own son (TorikaraBallmon himself is a form before Burgamon). About this is not explained further, either Burgamon does reproduce or he just acts like a parent.

Digimon Xros Wars

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<p style= In contrast to the other Digimon series, in Digimon XrossWars the gender of the Digimon is quite visible clearly; in fact some Digimon exist that have romantic relationships with other Digimon of different sexes, even until the family.

An example of a Digimon couple in this series is Stingmon and Lilamon who became protective Jungle Zones. Both are clearly paired like humans with other human beings.

There is also a Cutemon who is angry for being called sweet (in this context like a woman), and he says that he is a man. Cutemon also adventures to seek and rescue his biological parents, indicating if reproduction in the anime Digimon Xros Wars can happen, unlike other series.


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Beelzemon and Mervamon in this series are also described as having a romantic relationship, especially Beelzemon itself.

In short, Digimon in the series other than Digimon Xros Wars has no gender, unlike the anime Digimon Xros Wars . An outline, a Digimon is a monster data that is genderless or has no gender, has only physical features resembling certain animals, plants, things or sex


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