Do you know? This is God's Special Power Destruction Dragon Ball Super!

Who fought in Dragon Ball Super are the mortal beings of each universe. Therefore, although they are extraordinarily powerful, the Gods of Destruction are more likely to watch

But do you know the special power of God of Destruction Dragon Ball Super ? Some gods have special techniques that make them a dangerous threat to the fight. Here are some of them!


Sidra: The Barrier

If among the mortal beings, Android 17 is probably best known as the skill barrier . His energy shield had been a determinant in several moments of the anime's Tournament of Power, as he used it to penetrate Ki Aniraza's energy shots.


Sidra, God of the Destruction of Universe 9, possesses great ability in the use of barrier . Barrier his creation was strong enough (able to withstand the projectile energy of Beerus, which, judging by the reaction of another God of Destruction, could be dangerous upon contact) and Sidra could create it very quickly.


Belmod: Stasis

If Sidra can create a shield of energy very quickly, Belmod could show off the special power of the God of Destruction that encloses his enemies in Ki's sphere. Those inside the ball are having trouble getting loose. Though remember, which dikurungnya while exhibiting this technique is a fellow god of destruction. What if he uses it to mortal?

Belmod can also create a Ki projectile that looks like a card. This attack makes him look like Hisoka Hunter x Hunter, huh?

Oh but keep in mind, Jiren had previously defeated Belmod before. So that one mortal creature should be able to overcome all Belmod tricks, including the stasis ball as well as the card projectiles that he exhibited.


Liquiir: The Nine-Tailed Projectile

In the exhibition between the God of Destruction, Liquiir was the first to destroy the stasis ball of Belmod creation. He then pointed out an unusual way of launching a projectile. Instead of using a hand or mouth, he uses his tail!

What is interesting is Liquiir being Kyubi (haha!) When launching his projectile. The tail is usually three, but as it gathers its tail power increases to nine. All of them launched a great-powered Ki energy.

God's special power of destruction Dragon Ball Super others you can check on the second page!

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