Do you know? These Popular Dramas Apparently Starting from the Manga Lho!




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For fans of Korean dramas, do you know that there are many Korean dramas that originated from manga you know.

Approximately what Korean drama that started from manga?


Playful Kiss

This drama is an adaptation of the Japanese manga titled Itazura Na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. Manga Itazura Na Kiss itself has been released since 21 years ago.

In addition to the Korean version, the drama of the comic is also made in the Japanese version with the title Itazura Na Kiss (1996) later in remake entitled Itazura Na kiss Live in Tokyo (2013).

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In Japan, this comic is also made in a movie version that is divided into 3 parts namely Itazurana Kiss The Movie: High School, Itazurana Kiss The Movie: Campus, as well Itazurana Kiss The Movie: Proposal .

In addition, the Taiwanese version has also been created and is divided into 2 dramas namely It Started With A Kiss (2005) and They Kiss Again (2008).

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The anime version of Itazura Na Kiss himself appeared in 2008 for 25 episodes.


Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers adapted from the manga Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio. From Indian to American versions, countless drama versions are made from this comic. The most recent adaptation is the Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango which will start in 2018.

Just like Itazura Na Kiss, Hana Yori Dango there is also an animated version that aired from 8 September 1996 to 31 August 1997 with a total of 51 episodes.


To The Beautiful You

The drama starring Sully and Choi Minho (SHINee) is inspired from the manga Hanazakari Kimi ni Tachie e or Hana Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo.

The comic itself began publishing in 1996 and graduated in 2004. Hana Kimi was one of the best-selling comics with sales of 17 million copies in Japan.

In addition to the Korean version, there are also Japanese and Taiwanese versions of the drama. So for those of you who are fans To The Beautiful You cobain deh watch versions from other countries.

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