Do you know? Although Most Powerful, Son Goku Dies Many times in Dragon Ball


As the main character, Son Goku has in fact been dead many times

Dragon Ball is indeed closely related to Son Goku. As it is clear that Dragon Ball was inspired from the story Journey to the West then Son Goku could be said to be the main character inspired by the Sun Wukong magic monkey. But as the main character, it is precisely that Son Goku dies many times in this Dragon Ball series.

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Son Goku dies not only through a fight with a strong opponent, even he once died of viral illness. This is an unusual thing in the shonen manga world when precisely the main character has even died many times.

Here is Son Goku's death in some Dragon Ball stories.

Saiyan Saga

Raditz, brother of Son Goku invades Earth. He kidnaps Son Gohan, Son Goku's son, and who responds to the challenges of Raditz are Son Goku and Piccolo. Currently the origin of Son Goku is increasingly clear, where he is an alien from the Saiyan people who had been sent to Earth to attack the Planet.

Although Son Goku and Piccolo have fought their might, yet they are overwhelmed against Raditz. Finally the final plan is done. Son Goku captures Raditz from behind, so Piccolo can strike a stance Makankōsappō . This attack killed Raditz with Son Goku.

Later Son Goku was revived by Dragon Ball

Android Saga – Future Trunks

There is an important reason why Trunks goes back in time. In his time, the Earth has been ravaged by the act of Android 17 and Android 18. He returned to the past in order to become stronger against Android in his time.

One of the important keys in Trunks's future is that Son Goku has died. Son Goku died of a heart attack caused by a virus, and his drug was discovered in the future of Trunks. This makes Son Goku never against Android in the future of Trunks.

Unlike the death of being killed, which can still be turned on Dragon Ball, natural death due to age or due to illness can not be revived by Dragon Ball. Therefore Son Goku in the future of Trunks so can not live again.

Trunks of the future carries the drug and gives it to Son Goku in order to prevent death from the heart attack virus. However, Son Goku was hit by a heart attack against Android 19 and Android 20 for not taking the drug from Trunks.


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Cell Saga

Despite having achieved the perfect form, Cell can not fight Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan. Even Son Gohan's attacks make Cell regurgitate Android 18. Frustrated, Cell ends up trying to blow himself up.

Running out of time, Son Goku eventually moves instantly by bringing Cell to the Kaioo Planet. This explosion killed Son Goku and Kaioo, but Cell can still regenerate and become Perfect Cell.

Later Son Goku lives again because of the life given by Old Kai.

Black Saga

Zamasu who knows the power of Son Goku and the existence of Super Dragon Ball, collects the whole ball. He also requested that his body exchange with Son Goku. This is how it became Black.

When Zamasu's body has been swapped with Son Goku, this makes the Son Goku family confused. In the middle of this crisis, Black comes and kills Chi Chi, Son Goten, and Son Goku. This is what became one of the future branches of the Black Saga.

Son Goku is gone forever because Future Zeno erases this period.

Vs Hit

Not satisfied with the duel of Universe 6 vs Universe 7, Son Goku still wants to challenge Hit to fight as hard as possible. Coincidentally someone paid Hit to kill Son Goku who turned out it was Son Goku himself.

Son Goku was even killed by the Shunken Ensatsu attack on Hit. But Son Goku has launched a blast ki that will hit him so his heart can beat again.

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