Do not You, The Anime Pop Team Pop Epis Team Confused with the Anime!


Madness from an anime adaptation Pop Team Epic is incomprehensible to everyone. Even this anime director alone to his own confusion in memenami animenya.

Try here who has finished watching anime Pop Team Epic and finished watching it in a sane state and his mind is still healthy sentosa?

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The series that was adapted from the manga made by Okawa Bkub is indeed very interesting attention of anime lovers when it first aired on Sunday, January 7, 2018 yesterday.

There are laugh-laughing, there are amazed because it managed to crash pakem anime comedy in general, even until there is a confusion because the story is absurd and difficult to understand as if the audience felt dikerjai by animenya.

Opinions in social media about this anime are popping up and many are stating that they are confused what the meaning of this anime because the story is very random and has a 100% story exactly in the first and both.

Apparently, the confusion after watching the anime Pop Team Epic not only from the audience alone, even the director of this series Jun Aoki also confused with the purpose, purpose, vision and mission of the anime Pop Team Epic .

In an interview he stated that Aoki did not read the original manga before agreeing to plunge into the project. After reading it he was immediately shocked by the material that is in the manga and wondered "roughly if this so anime would be rich what ya?".

At first, Aoki assumes that the 19459005 Pop Team Epic is like a simple comedy manga that is simple and in a joking tone he says that he regretted being this anime director because of his misjudgment. Aoki said that working on this anime adaptation is a challenge for him because he himself usually does opening program commercials, and short animations.

Aoki said that "mixed feelings" were the keywords of this anime when first worked on. He also stated that the original manga maker Bkub Okawa also took part in this anime project by giving ideas and checking every episode of the animenya in detail and thoroughly.

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