Do not Underestimate the Role of Mother! Here are 9 Mothers in anime Manga Naruto is Often Forgotten


The role of the mother seems to have been shifted by the role of father and teacher in Naruto . But it turns out, they are also a little more affect the nature of the child you know. Here are 9 great mothers in the Naruto manga anime.

Love children along the pole, mother's love of all time, so the saying goes. However, the role of a mother is rarely seen in the Naruto manga anime. Instead of a father and teacher who are very influential on the development of children in the anime.

Call it Shikamaru learned many strategies from his father, Choji and Choza duet in an unquestioned war again, as well as Naruto and Minato's closeness is also seen when they got the moment together. Here are some of her mother and her forgotten role in Naruto.


Mikoto Uchiha

Is the mother of Sasuke and Itachi, Mikoto is a calm and calm mother. He also looks occasionally socializing with other mothers, proved when he showed little Sasuke to Kushina and Biwako.

He educates his son firmly and always wants the best outcome for his son. Mikoto once scolded Sasuke who has not done his homework and always keep an eye on Itachi's movements.

For Sasuke, Mikoto is a good mother. He can always talk about his life with his mother rather than his hard father. Mikoto also often seems to encourage Sasuke not to give up his practice.

He also never compared Sasuke with Itachi, who was certainly a great achiever at the time. Unfortunately, he must die in the hands of his own son and hope Sasuke can avenge his death on Itachi. Little Sasuke was very lost the figure of the back of his life.



This one mother is certainly the most familiar in your ears. Of course Kushina is the mother of Naruto's play. During his lifetime, Kushina was a jovial, expressive, and a mood-maker in his family.

Often seen Kushina preparing dinner for all members of her family, even Jiraiya the teacher also once felt it. However, in fact, sometimes he has a sense of anxiety about losing something he loves, such as Minato and Naruto and still think of himself as a visitor to Konoha.

Kushina herself is known to have a bursting emotion, sometimes not hesitantly using violence to discipline her only child, Naruto.

He is also famous among the shinobi and is feared when he is angry. Pictured with a black face and red hair, Kushina's fury mode keeps many people to behave well in front of him. Apparently, Kushina is a good mother and wife figure for the Minato family.


Association of Konoha Mothers

This time it was the turn of the mothers hanging out in those days. the mothers of Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji seem to be very close and forming an assembly of mothers of their members and other mothers.

This collection of mothers is an association of non-shinobi moms in Konoha. They served to help protect children and women as their husbands were busy at war sacrificing themselves to protect the village. These mothers managed to repel the pesumo disturbing the village order by using their cooking utensils.

Mebuki Haruno

Is the mother of Sakura Haruno. She is a nice and friendly mother. Evidently he invited Kakashi and the Third Hokage to drink tea when he learned that his son Sakura will be taught by them.

Compared to her husband, Mebuki looks more serious in dealing with the problem. He also makes Sakura who is confused about her condition for the better. Everyday she and her husband seem to be trading around the City.

Yoshino Nara

This one mother is the mother of Shikamaru Nara. He is a chunin and looks capable of using taijutsu well. For Shikamaru, Yoshino is a stern and tyrannical mother. It was obtained because the father did not dare to deal with him, like waking a sleeping tiger.

But actually, his father says that the mother is a gentle person. This fierce and tyrannical perception makes Shikamaru at least somewhat apathetic towards women and is considered troubling. Nevertheless, Shikamaru actually chose Temari which is also hard as his mother.

Mother Choji

Not much different from other Akemichi family, Chōji's mother has a big, fat body. Indeed that is the hallmark of the Akemichi family. Not a shinobi, not much information about Chōji's mother.

He is very considerate and kind to Choji. One of her favorites that Chōji liked best was to let her eat whatever she liked. Chōji's sensitive and brave nature must have also declined from his mother's nature huh.

Mother Ino

Like Choji's mother, Ino's mother is also little known about her personal life. Ino's mother is only known to be affiliated with the Konoha ladies' association. Ino's mother has a calm and calm nature. Stylishly elegant and include golonagn high-class . But he also participated in expelling sumo attacks on Konoha. Surely the beauty and elegant nature of Ino declined from his mother yes

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