Do not be confused! 4 God of Destruction It Was Not Involved Tournament of Power!

There may be a confused reader: how does the stands of the Tournament of Power audience still look full? Whereas should not it be just that Universe 7 and Universe 11 are left?

Actually his anime has also explained. But if you missed it, let me remind you. First of all, the audience bench looks full because it is combined. Previously, since almost all the universe had been eliminated, the bench was still.

Then there are also the angels. While Supreme Kai, God of Destruction, and all mortal beings in the losing universe are totally annihilated, the angels are guaranteed to remain, perhaps prepared to oversee the new universe in the future.

Well, do not forget also the Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of the four universes that are not involved in the Tournament of Power. Each of these universes has a high mortal level, until they are not threatened to be destroyed.

The feathered deity (second from left) is Iwne of Universe 1. On her left is Supreme Kai Anat, which looks similar to Supreme Kai Shin from Universe 7, only younger. Duo Iwne-Anat successfully brought Universe 1 to number one in terms of mortal level . Therefore both Iwne and Anat can calmly watch the tournament from beginning to end.


Then at the far right there is Arack, God of the Universe Destruction 5. He is one of the main reasons Universe 5 is not involved in the tournament. While the Universe 7 Beerus is lazy (and could destroy the planet just because of a small problem), Arack is really investigating which planet he should be after. He is also one of the most diligent Destructive deities in Dragon Ball Super . So it's no wonder that they should prosper.

The fat Supreme Kai sitting next to Arack is Ogma, Supreme Kai Universe 5.

Then there are also representatives of Universe 8, whose face becomes header this article. The three-armed fox is the god of the destruction of Liquiir. The way it works is that it finds weaknesses in its Supreme Kai plan, then it destroys those who can lower mortal level as it is. Sounds cruel, but the way it works. Universe 8 does not need to join the Tournament of Power.

The purple Supreme Kai that accompanies Liquiir is Ill. Ill is a Supreme Kai who loves to make plans. With Liquiir as the party that eliminates the weakness of Ill's plan, the duo is very successful in their work.

The god of destruction of sea-shaped creatures above comes from Universe 12, another safe universe of the Tournament of Power. His name is Geene. God destruction of this one is merciless in doing his job, until in the end there is no weak part of the semestanya that needs to be destroyed. Geene may be bored by this, but the effect of Universe 12 becomes the universe with the highest mortal level second highest of 12 universes.

The round-faced Supreme Kai next to him is Ugg, also from Universe 12. While Geene destroys mercilessly the planets that need to be eliminated, Ugg continues to develop his well-equipped part of the universe. In the end yes the high value for Universe 12.

Ranking mortal level of the four universes that did not participate in this tournament was

1. Universe 1

2. Universe 12

3. Universe 5

4. Universe 8

Universe 11 with Pride Troopers is in fifth position and must remain in the tournament.

Well, that's the reason why there's still a God of Destruction and Supreme Kai in the stands despite the rest of the universe, of all those in the tournament, only two. Still some confused? Do not hesitate to ask!

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