Discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re Chapter 156: Mutsuki Finally Beaten!


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<h4 style= Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 156 already aired! Has Mutsuki lost? Check out the discussion below!

Finally the manga by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul: Re resumed! Since it's been continued, let's discuss it again, but for those of you who have forgotten the previous story, the fight is still going on between members of Quinx Squad.

In chapter 156, focus is shown in the fight between Mutsuki against Urie and Saiko. Mutsuki is still too strong and can keep up, even beyond the power of Urie and Saiko.

Actually, not a very powerful Mutsuki, but Urie and Saiko choose not to fight with full force and intent to kill Mutsuki, because they know that something is being thought of by Mutsuki, and obviously it's not that great.

Therefore, Urie gets a pretty loud attack. Urie was stabbed with Matesuki's Kagune right in the stomach, and not only that, Mutsuki also threw Urie far enough, so the injuries he suffered were quite large.

Not enough, Mutsuki still approached Urie and wanted to attack him, but Saiko who was petite immediately came to block Mutsuki. Of course Mutsuki increasingly angry.


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Saiko says that he will stop Mutsuki, because for Saiko, Mutsuki is his family, Mutsuki clearly more angry. For Mutsuki, his family is only his father, his mother, and his annoying brother. Mutsuki was immediately attacked Saiko, and just like Urie, he got a devastating attack on the stomach.

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<p style= Almost immediately killed by Mutsuki's wrath, but Saiko's life can still be saved by Urie. He gets up and immediately helps Saiko, if not, then this girl will die.

It is only seen here that Mutsuki thinks too much, so his concentration is dispersed and his intentions become half-baked, and it proves that Urie asks why Mutsuki's face is confused and looks very miserable.

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<p style= It was revealed that Mutsuki's deeds were based on his own disillusionment, and he just wanted it back to the point, when Quinx Squad was still together and all happy.

Finally Mutsuki begins to calm down, and Saiko and Urie can hold Mutsuki. It's interesting, is it in chapter ahead of Mutsuki that it is not berserk and can cooperate with joint team of Ghoul and CCG? Let's wait chapter next.


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