Discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re 164: The Secrets of the Mouth Hide Shown!

Tokyo Ghoul: Re 164 already released, there are some new events and interesting facts of this chapter including Hide's mouth always hidden even from the beginning of the story Tokyo Ghoul : Re begins.

What was Hide like he always hid? Earlier, let's discuss Tokyo Ghoul: Re 164 first, because there are interesting things going on here, and bring the story to a new problem.

Already we predicted last week, the person who pretended to be the messenger of course is Furuta associated with organization V, who is responsible with this mess.

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<p> Furuta directly declares war on CCG, Ghoul, and even all mankind, because apparently the toothed creature is not a careless creature. Here, Furuta describes the toothed creatures that attacked the city. </p>
<p> First, the toothed creature has a thirst for human flesh similar to Ghoul, or maybe he can also eat Ghoul itself, because the most important is the meat (even human carcasses they eat). </p>
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Second, the creature dubbed the Less Than Child is very difficult to defeat. Not because they are strong, but because there are poison implanted in their bodies. If destroyed, this creature will blow away, and the poison will spread into the air.

If the poison is inhaled by humans, then the RC cells of the human body will increase dramatically, and they will become Ghoul, or the same toothed creatures, because it destroys them as well as the number of namanbah.

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<p> Third, it turns out that the production of this creature comes from the big monster that exist in some cities, which we call it as the parent. The parent will give birth to toothed monster, after birth, the toothed monster will come out, feed for and energize the mother, and her mother will create another creature using this energy. In short, if the mother is not destroyed, this creature will continue to exist and grow. </p>
<p> One that is exposed to toxins and undergoes bodily changes is Saiko. Kaneki, Urie and Saiko who were walking in the city were suddenly surrounded by toothed creatures. Unfortunately, Saiko has undergone a body change, and they are urged. </p>
<p> Kaneki suddenly takes Kagune big and different as he thinks of his friends. This Kagune instantly destroys the toothed creature around them, and opens the chance to escape to save. </p>
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