Discussion of Tokyo Ghoul: Re Chapter 158: Kaneki and Rize! Talks


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<h4 style= Surprisingly, Kaneki meets again with Rize in his subconscious. What are they talking about for so long? Consider the discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 158 following.

In chapter earlier in Tokyo Ghoul: Re we have already seen how Ken Kaneki is confused in his own subconscious. He is still unaware of what happened before, and all he knew was to go back and save his Goat organization friends.

Unconsciously, there is someone who always watches him, and at the end chapter 157, Kaneki has met the man, he is Rize, the one who indirectly takes responsibility for everything that happened to Kaneki since beginning to date.

Kaneki and Rize dialogue at Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 158, what are they discussing? Kaneki tells Rize that she must go back and save her friends. Indeed already the nature of a Rize, he also asked, save his friends from what?

Again, Kaneki replied and recounted the incident before he turned into a monster, when the CCG troops ambushed Kaneki's Goat organization, and also told him that with his current condition (lost, not being a monster), his friends are in danger

Rize again ask again, what makes Kaneki want to do that? Kaneki replied that he wanted to make a much better future by defeating the CCG officials.

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<p style= With the loss of great people in CCG, Kaneki and his organization can hold peace talks, and talk about the future of mankind and Ghoul. Rize realized one thing, and again asked Kaneki. Did not Kaneki's goal directly make him a dictator?

Hearing the opinion of Rize, Kaneki more confused with his own goals. Kaneki stays firm, and wants to meet her friends. Rize also shows something. Miraculously, they see where Goat is, which is now completely destroyed.

Kaneki is confused, why all this can happen, does CCG strike it all out? Rize replied, no, the cause is Kaneki own. Once again Kaneki is confused, and Rize again shows something.

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<p style= He shows the incident when the Kaneki monster brutally massacred innocent people, from CCG, to civilians. Kaneki began to panic, she hated herself for it could happen, and realized that the corpses in the water were previously victims of Kaneki.

Rize re-teases Kaneki, and says that his goal has been achieved. Kaneki wants humans and Ghoul to cooperate, and already. In addition, Kaneki from the beginning did make the people around him die, according to Rize.

Kaneki is getting worse, what happens next? we look forward to it in Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 159.


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