Discussion of the Prime Episode Osomatsu-San S2: The Twins Six Returns!


[1945902] osomatsu-san season 2 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> The inaugural episode of Osomatsu-san S2 finally airs! The garbage society gathered in the second season with laughter for his fans, what's the story like?

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Had previously reported here, the animated series Osomatsu-san finally got his second season in October. Inspired by Akatsuka Fujio's comic, Osomatsu-kun was adapted to Osomatsu-san in 2015. Now they are back again with the same director and voice! What's the story like?

Just like the first season (which is no longer watchable), the inaugural episode Osomatsu-san S2 begins with a black and white cartoon style of 80s animation. The six twins looked happy when they heard their animated series had aired its second season.

The twin six boys, out of curiosity and anxiety, soon see how their future is. Osomatsu and his brother turned out to be too inedible popularity. In addition to Ichimatsu, all so fat and barely able to move. Almost everyone around him also took advantage of the popularity of the Osomatsu brothers.

Chibita and Iyami who have not met with them for a long time, of course, shocked. They become arrogant and spoiled, too consumed in popularity. The first half of the inaugural episode Osomatsu-san S2 is filled with how the twins were six when they became celebrities.

Though equally arrogant, all the characters remain depicted in their own style. Like the narcissistic Karamatsu, the antisocial Ichimatsu, or Todomatsu who always felt himself a prince. Each character is depicted according to their nature and personality.

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<p> The first half of the first episode <em> Osomatsu-san S2 </em> was not very entertaining, but remained faithful to the storytelling style <em> Osomatsu-san. </em> The young twins of six are finally terrified of their future. The young Osomatsu and his brother decided to be worthy. Strive and study hard for a worthy future. </p>
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Here finally the story starts to fall apart and chaotic. Their typical comedy was back in the second half of the inaugural episode Osomatsu-san S2 . For those of you who love the comedy style absurd and full twist of his first season, have to wait patiently until the second half of the episode.

Especially when Osomatsu who seems to be really a worthy person, met his brother. Starting from Karamatsu who somehow moved genre became sci-fi until Todomatsu turned into a human ala Live Action . All messed up.

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<p> Like the inaugural episode <em> Osomatsu-san </em> the first season, this second season mixes everything <em> mainstream </em> into it. <em> Slice of life, sci-fi, Live Action, </em> shonen, </em> <em> gender bender, </em> even Jyushimatsu who suddenly became 3D too. Robotic battles that suddenly appear also add to the chaos of the story. </p>
<p> But as always, at the end of the story they are back to normal. The mess was just for the opening. Wearing a formula that is not much different from the first episode <em> Osomatsu-san </em> the first season, they played around with the style of drawing and mixing <em> genre </em>. </p>
<p> According to the author, the story is not as fancy the first episode <em> Osomatsu-san </em> the previous season. Though the first episode of last season could no longer be watched, but the messy grandeur could not be forgotten. If compared to the past, clearly the first episode <em> Osomatsu-san S2 </em> is still defeated. </p>
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