Discussion of the Boruto Manga 16: Boruto's Battle Against Naruto!


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<h4> Manga <em> Boruto </em> 16 reveals who are members of the Kara group. In addition, this chapter also presents the Boruto duel against Naruto! </h4>
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Most likely, the events in manga Boruto 16 will also be adapted to the anime form later, after the Kinshiki and Momoshiki grooves end. So if you're just watching anime, the content below contains spoilers potential for upcoming grooves.



Group of Kara

Still remember the Kara group? This mysterious organization was previously caught by Corpse Clone Shojoji was researching a number of symbols. These include symbols that now sometimes appear on Boruto's arm and later appear on Kawaki's arm.

In this chapter, the leader of Kara said that they lost something called "container." Whatever the container, Kara did not secure it easily. Members of the organization's women said that the container could buy one country.

No, the container referred to here has nothing to do with Shojoji nor Boruto. It was taken by air transport and fell in Hi no Kuni (Konoha's country). Obviously, although Kara's initial conflict was not related to Konoha, this would be the beginning of clashes between this organization and Naruto.

One of Kara's members, the grandfather, mentions a figure named Amado. Obviously, it is not known who Amado is. But from the way the Kara members talk about it in this chapter, it seems that Amado is their main boss.


Who Actually Kashinkoji?

Among all Kara members, Kashinkoji is the most attention-grabbing. After the meeting, he immediately killed his own partner, the oldest member's grandfather in the meeting.

Then what makes him even more mysterious is his monologue above. Kashinkoji conveyed that his destiny seemed to be bound to Konoha.

The problem: who is he? Is he one of the Root members, like the father of Sumire Kakei? Or is he an old character who is now back in the new organization with a new face?

Whoever he is, Kashinkoji will try to secure Kara's container from the territory of Konoha. So it can be ascertained that in the near future you will get a clearer picture of who it is, jutsu what he mastered, and how strong he is.

Manga Boruto 16 also shows the father duel of a child between Boruto and Naruto. Read the discussion on the second page!


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