Discussion of Captain Tsubasa 2018 Episode 2: New Technique from Roberto!

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Have you watched the anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 the 2nd episode just aired? Then, did you also find some similarities with episode 2 of the anime Captain Tsubasa 1983

Apparently if you look at it in more detail, there are some differences here, and from this difference, audiences can predict whether this anime will move slowly and have many episodes, or just 12 to 25 episodes only.

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Back to discussion Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2, if you've been watching but got confused or missed some interesting points you might not know, then you're in the right article because we're going to do anime discussion Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2.



Duel Tsubasa Vs Wakabayashi Happened



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<p> This is one of the most important and the selling points of both episodes. In the previous episode we have shown how Tsubasa challenged Wakabayashi, from kicking from the hill to Wakabayashi's house, to the challenges on the road that kicked through the underlying bus. </p>
<p> Unfortunately however, Wakabayashi did not accept this challenge with <em> gentle </em>as he asked other Shutetsu members to confront Tsubasa alone. </p>
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If you notice, Shutetsu's team is not eleven people, but twelve people including Wakabayashi. If it follows reason, it seems like this challenge will be difficult, but nothing is difficult for Tsubasa the future captain.

With ciamik he can pass dozens of Shutetsu players, even with a smooth and untouched bit of balls that he brought, until finally managed to go to goalkeeper guarded by Wakabayashi.

Has Tsubasa managed to break down Wakabayashi's famous goalkeeper with his ability at the national level? Listen to Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2 on the next page!

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