Discussion of Boruto Episode 61: Hooray! Boruto Dihujat Massa!

Discussion Boruto episode 61 below contains spoiler .




Sarada Excluded by Shinki



 boruto episode 61 - sarada "width =" 809 "height =" 450 "/> </p>
<p align= The final chunin exam in Boruto episode 61 was performed as a three-man duel.

In theory, this means that if Sarada and Boruto had eliminated Shinki, they could compete with each other skills to determine who was best.

But the final between Konoha was not the case. Sarada was eliminated quite brutally by Shinki's iron feathers that attacked him from behind.

Sarada's body may not look hurt, but heard her screams, it is unlikely that the attack did not hurt.



Shinki Defeated by Boruto (with Cheat)



Seeing Sarada defeated by Shinki, and he himself is powerless against Gaara's foster children, Boruto gets a touching flashback.

… the author does not know why he came to imagine Shikadai in this flashback, considering he was the one who eliminated Shikadai. By cheating too.

However, instead of being inspired to fight with all his might, Boruto actually uses this inspiration for cheat .

He activates Shiden with the help of kote sakti. Then this Shiden he used to overcome Shinki attacks as well as K.O. his enemy.

The problem is this: Mitsuki was shown caught a strange kote in the hands of Boruto. If Mitsuki alone can catch him, how about the Hokage and the veteran shinobi?

Hinata looks sad when Boruto wins, signifying that the Byakugan mother has seen what her son is doing. Naruto also appears to be standing, indicating he is aware of what is happening.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 61 can you check on the second page!

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