Discussion of Boruto Episode 60: Semi Finals Duel Genin!

With Shikadai's official exclusion from the duel of Genin and Katasuke who congratulated Boruto, the Boruto television series this time gave a surprise by taking a slightly different route from Boruto: Naruto The Movie ! With a story that is beginning to be difficult to guess, will there be any new results in this genin battle?


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<p> Sarada, Konohamaru Team's next hope to meet in the final confronts Araya as a candidate from Sunagakure. In fact, almost the whole of this semi-final is more seen as a re-combat of Konohagakure versus Sunagakure as it happened earlier in <em> Naruto! </em> </p>
<p> All the kunai thrown by Sarada are easily denied, and as soon as Sarada activates his Sharingan, he is unable to follow Araya's movement! </p>
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Without any meaningful practice, Araya is not Kankurou, and victory is clearly already in the hands of Sarada!

Winner: Uchiha Sarada

In the next battle, what are the exciting things that will happen? Consider the following discussion of episode 60 on the next page!

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