Discussion of Boruto Episode 59: Shinki's Past Is Revealed!

Boruto episode 59 is really one of the best episodes of the Boruto series so far. The exciting and emotional fight presented can make you think of Naruto's adventures first.

Curious? You can listen to the discussion of interesting scenes Boruto episode 59 below. However cautiously, it is clear that this discussion contains spoilers.


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<p> In Shinki's duel against Cho-Cho, Gaara gets a flashback. </p>
<p> He invented Shinki, who at that time seemed to suffer and was alone. Shinki's own talent since this meeting has been seen. He has been able to manipulate iron filings with the Kekkei Genkai Joton. </p>
<p> But Gaara can protect the child and then teach him to use his abilities properly and correctly. </p>
<p> The power of Shinki presented in the chunin exam was caught from the source. She already has talent since childhood. Then Gaara's help seemed to make Shinki train hard. </p>
<p> So far, Shinki is completely unstoppable in the chunin exam. Even Cho-Cho can not do much about it. </p>
<p> That does not mean Cho-cho just gave up. </p>
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