Discussion of Boruto Episode 53: Toneri Confrontation Against Urashiki?!

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As usual, the discussion Boruto episode 53 contains spoiler . So if you're actually still looking for your own episode and anti-leak, you're mistaking the article.

But if you are already watching and want to remember certain details, want to know what the episode is before watching, or do not mind spoiler please continue reading the reviews below!




Directly Opens with Duel Toneri Opponents Urashiki



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<p align= In movie version Kinshiki's duel opponents Sasuke opened the movie before continuing to highlight Boruto.

We have not shown the duel in Boruto episode 53. But we are shown instead a confrontation that is not even in movie : Toneri versus Urashiki!

This conflict did not last long. Urashiki can quickly disable Toneri and make it a statue, because Urashiki is not allowed to kill fellow Otsutsuki members.

Interestingly, given what happened to Boruto in the manga version after Momoshiki was destroyed, there may indeed be a risk when one decides actually killing an Otsutsuki of pure blood.

Oh there's more to it than this Toneri and Urashiki confrontation. The main family of Otsutsuki has seen Toneri activity. They know about the incident in Naruto the Last and they also know that Toneri has done something to Boruto.

Toneri himself feels that Boruto is not strong enough to fight against the Otsutsuki family that came. So this makes the author think: did Toneri actually prepare Boruto as a weapon to deal with threats like the Otsutsuki clan?

After Toneri is frozen, we then switch to Boruto for a moment. At that Boruto held his eyes, indicating that Jougan was caused by Toneri.

In Boruto episode 53, the team Ino-Shika-Cho and Team 7 have obtained a letter of recommendation. They stay on the test.


One of the interesting things here is that Shikadai is motivated to be more serious than usual because of the incident with Ryogi from the Byakuya Gang. If you're wondering why Shikadai in movie seems more intent to win than this child's usual figure, who is lazy about troublesome things, this is the cause.

Boruto himself initially did not want to take the chunin exam. The author is interested in the reason he said to Shikadai: he wants to be a more powerful ninja, like Sasuke, who is not ruled by anyone and moves on his own.

Most likely, seeing what Boruto looks like in the future shown in episode 1, he will indeed follow Sasuke's path as a figure that protects Konoha from behind the shadows.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 53 can you read on the second page!

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