Discussion of Boruto Episode 49: Boring Side Episodes

Discussion Boruto This episode 49 may contain spoilers . So if you have not watched and want to see it yourself, it is advisable not to read further.

If you are wondering why the title of this discussion is like that, it is already watching, or do not object to spoiler please continue reading the review below.




Episodes where Nothing Happens Important



Essentially, the core Boruto of this 49th episode is Team 15 successfully united to do a simple mission. Then they will most likely get a recommendation to take the chūnin test from Hanabi, since the members can be united and honest with each other.


If you miss Boruto this episode 49 then jump straight to episode 50, the author feels you're actually not behind something important. Maybe you'll just see Team 15 more united, and Sumire more freely use Nue in front of his friends. But given the Team 15 also always get along before this, that's not a big difference.

Usually filler episode Boruto also has interesting things that can be discussed. For example the Inojin groove, which with interesting promises he will have a unique friendship with Himawari Uzumaki. Or the fishing episode, which surprisingly ends with the injured Tonts Otsutsuki.

This episode does not have such elements. The highlighted ones are not interesting characters (Namida and Wasabi) so yes this is it.

This episode might be more interesting when Hanabi is involved, but yes …



Hanabi Hyuga Letting His Disciples in Action



Hanabi is a formidable fighter. But in addition to training with Boruto, when Boruto is curious about his Jougan, he has not had a chance to show off. Even as Team 15's jonin was his first job that was seen to just free the demonstrators from genjutsu.

Is this time Hanabi given a chance to at least show the Hyuga style family fighting ability? (Like Udon, who shows his snotty moment at the end of episode 48). Absolutely not, because his students have handled the problem themselves.

But the problem itself is so trivial, even with the appearance of the great wolf that could endanger Namida in the end, until Hanabi and his fighting science may indeed not have to intervene.

Continued discussion Boruto episode 49 can you read on the second page!

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