Discussion of Boruto Episode 44: Temari Against the Byakuya Gang!

As usual, the Boruto episode 44 contains spoiler . If you have not watched, are actually anti-leaked, and are still searching for their own show, you are actually entering the article and it is recommended to stop reading.

Then where can you watch? Crunchyroll is a good and legal choice. If you use paid services, you can watch according to the hours of airing in Japan with maximum visual quality, without being disturbed by malware .

Do not want to use paid service? You can still watch at Crunchyroll, it's just that you have to wait.

Been watching and want to remember certain details that went too far? Does not mind leak? Then continue reading the reviews below!


1. So, Why Metal Lee Wounded?

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<p> <i> Preview Boruto </i> episode 44 shows Metal Lee badly injured, until his hands are cast. What is the cause? </p>
<p> <i> Boruto </i> episode 44 did not wait long to show his answer. Thus, Byakuya's Gang activities are so intriguing that the Ninja Police must ask for the services of the genin as well. Team 5 (Iwabe, Denki, Metal) was also involved. </p>

Iwabe had managed to confine the Byakuya Gang with Doton: his Doryuheki. But the teenage gang member successfully destroyed the mud wall using Hyoton. Denki, too close to Iwabe's wall, was threatened by ice glaciers. Metal protects his teammates, and he is hospitalized.

Not only that, Iwabe is insistent to take care of his own Byakuya Gang also gets punishment. So Iwabe's decision led to his total failure of Team 5.

Oh yes, this episode also reveals that it turns out that Udon (Konohamaru-Udon-Moegi trio member) is the captain of Team 5. It is now well known that this trio is watching any one.

Konohamaru is the Team 7 leader, Moegi Team 10 (Ino-Shika-Cho), and Udon supervises Team 5.

2. The Dark Side of the Byakuya Gang

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<p> Byakuya Gang tries to build his image as a dear thief. The move succeeded in getting them sympathy for some circles, especially because it revealed the modernization of Konoha also had time to suppress the poor. </p>
<p> But the Byakuya Gang boss openly admits that he only considers his son, the Hyoton user, as a pawn in his action. This seems to indicate that these gangs are not as good as they want to serve. Maybe it's just teenage Hyoton users who really believe that they are really helping hard people. </p>
<p> Oh, by the way, finally the name of the user of Kekkei Genkai Hyoton is known. He, having already undergone two shogi sessions with Shikamaru, had just introduced himself as Ryogi. </p>
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Shikadai immediately knew that Ryogi is a member of Byakuya Geng ?! Consider the continued discussion of interesting scenes Boruto episode 44 on the second page!

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