Discussion of Boruto Episode 42: Boruto Against Bank Robbers?!


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<h4 class= In Boruto episode 42, Boruto faces one on one with a bank robber! Can he solve this conflict without anyone being hurt?

As usual, the Boruto episode 42 will highlight important events in this week's impressions. If you're still not watching and anti-leak you've got into the wrong article.

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Then where can you watch? One of the official channels is Crunchyroll. If you use paid services, you can watch new episodes Boruto in the same hour as in Japan with high quality, text, and without the thought of advertising as well as possibly malware .

You can also enjoy Boruto free episode at Crunchyroll, but with inferior graphic quality and you have to wait longer for the viewing.

If you are already watching Boruto episode 42, do not mind spoiler or come from the future to remember what the story of this show is, please read the reviews below .



The Difficult So Ninja in the Peace Period

In the last two episodes, Team 7 was in a life or death situation. They must fight Hidari and Ashimaru, two missing nin that are quite dangerous. Good thing Team 7 is supervised by their captain, Konohamaru, so this mission can be finished with relative ease.

But, as Konohamaru explained in Boruto episode 42, such missions do not come every day. The shinobi world is still in peacetime. The genin is more likely to be a mission like catching a fuzzy cat (as Boruto did at the beginning of the mission) rather than being sent for spying, catching bandits, and so on.

Once there is an urgent problem … Konoha still has more choices than genin. Including a number of shinobi who used to be involved in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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<p align= Yep, in this episode Rock Lee and Kiba Inuzuka perform cameo. They have dealt with the big issues that had happened in the village.

So, will Boruto just be casual until the chunin exam? Apparently not because in this episode he has to face a bank robber! But this robber, and his way of completing his mission, is beyond Boruto's estimation.

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