Discussion of Boruto Episode 41: Performing the Power of Konohamaru!


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<h4 class= In the manga version, Konohamaru probably has not had time to show off. But in Boruto episode 41, the leader of Team 7 shows the maximum power capable of making his enemy fear! Like what?

As usual, the Boruto episode 41 will surely discuss the interesting events of his anime. This review will contain spoiler so if you're actually still looking for the show, you're actually mistaking the article.

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Where can you watch? Crunchyroll is one of his options. With paid services, you can watch Boruto, Darling in the Franxx, and other titles at the same time as in Japan. If you want free too can, just you have to wait until the unpaid version released.

If you are already watching, do not mind spoilers, or come from the future to remember forgotten details, read the review below!



Iori Apparently Very Sinful

Who is Iori? If you forget, Iori is the man whose face you can see above. In the previous episode, it was revealed that Iori was a conspirator who planned to take the bridge deed from the Left. Iori also personally abducts the Left.

Is he the type of villain who has at least a reasonable motivation why he should act like that? Her motivation made sense, but not the kind that could give her sympathy. Iori only wanted the profit from the ownership of the deed. Not only that, before he also claimed to have killed the father Left.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

The Claim

[1945909] star star star star

Collection of your favorite players on Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team to help you win! Of course, each of these players has the same skills as in the anime version as well!

Fortunately, you do not have to wait long to see this annoying man inedible karma. Ashimaru, one of his rented shinobi, decided to stab him at the beginning of the episode.

Now, the remaining affairs for Team 7 are only Hidari and Ashimaru, the duo missing nin. Well, the flow of this Bridge Certificate is so far similar to the Zabuza groove used to be. Are Hidari and Ashimaru as strong as Zabuza and Haku?

Apparently not at all.


The Full Power of Konohamaru

The burly Ashimaru chases Team 7, who decides to run away with the Left. Meanwhile Hidari, who appears to be the mastermind behind this operation, faces Konohamaru.

As always, Konohamaru tries to fight with taijutsu. Hidari was originally able to compensate for Konohamaru's jonin and even set him up.

Then Konohamaru decides to be serious. He can destroy the trap of Hidari by deploying the Rasengan.

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<p align= Seeing Konohamaru can break his jutsu by force alone has made Hidari pale. But then Konohamaru decided to show his maximum strength. Konohamaru's attack was misplaced … but he destroyed all the rows of large rock behind Hidari. No wonder that Hidari has collapsed.

So, yep, Hidari is not the same level as Haku. But what about Ashimaru, who had already almost killed Boruto? Can he make an interesting fight?

Continued discussion Boruto episode 41 can you read on the second page!


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