Discussion of Boruto Episode 37: Boruto Fails To Seize Bells!!


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<h4> In <i> Boruto </i> episode 37, Boruto and his classmates finally united. But are they strong enough to seize the bell from Kakashi the Sixth Hokage? </h4>
<p> As usual, the <i> Boruto </i> episode 37 contains <i> spoiler </i>. If you have not seen the episode yourself, it is advisable to watch first before going on to read. </p>
<p> Where can you watch? One legal way, which is also the author of use, is <i> Crunchyroll </i>. This one site presents <i> Boruto </i> at the same time as Japan, with HD visual quality. You also do not have to worry <i> malware </i> and ads. </p>
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For those who have been watching and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind the spoiler please continue reading the reviews below!



The Teachers Successfully Beat All the Disciples

Boruto episode 37 shows that all testers successfully beat up students. Since the episode yesterday was discovered that Boruto lost a landslide with Kakashi. But what about the Shikadai gang, who successfully surrounded Anko? Or the duo of Nue-Sharingna, Sumire and Sarada, who fought Konohamaru?

They are all also subdued. Anko, in particular, was able to defeat the Shikadai and other feuds.

So, does this exam fail? Fortunately not. Iwabee and Mitsuki managed to save Boruto before Kakashi grabbed his headband.

Unfortunately, if you expect Mitsuki to deploy Sage Mode, you should be disappointed. From the beginning he was exhausted from his duel against Shino. As he tries to attack Kakashi, Kakashi hurts him. Eventually he no longer expels his secret ability.


By BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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After a long time of curiosity, the Ninja Voltage finally releases! How do you think about this game?

You have to wait until Boruto 39, featuring the story of Mitsuki's past, to see the full performance of Mitsuki's Sage Mode.


Boruto Successfully Unites His Colleagues

Kakashi's words, mocking that Boruto made the quality of the Academy class ninja this bad, succeeded in making Naruto's son depressed. But it is Iwabee who insists that otherwise, Boruto actually makes them better.

Iwabee, Denki, and Sumire who successfully encouraged by Boruto also agreed. Not only that, Boruto finally realized the secret behind this bell test and realized that cooperation is a way to beat the testers.

But before they have to rescue the students caught by Anko first.

Continued discussion Boruto this 37th episode can you read on the second page!


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